What A Day for Limbaugh to Insult Girls Everywhere

15 07 2009

I have HAD it. Sonia Sotomayor is constrained by the unjust rules, sitting alone and representing herself against a phalanx of white male bullies, just for the right to be a Girl and get into position to finally help have that be a good thing instead of an institutionalized handicap. And at the same moment, Rush Limbaugh is on the radio trying to denigrate President Obama (again) but instead this time, insulting every female on the planet.

Obama “throws like a girl”; Bush “is a man”

What is WRONG with these guys?? I mean, I know Limbaugh’s literally deaf but what excuse do the rest of them have?

He ranted for half an hour at the top of his show today as Young Son and I listened, wondering if he saw the feel-good power of story nationally televised last night, that we had watched and loved. (Even the Yankees and the National League opponents!)

On the upside, here’s a truly heart-warming story for everyone about last night’s All-Star Game. Which was a big American League victory, credited to Papelbon btw, whoo-hoo! Pedroida got to stay home with the baby-and-mom-to-be . . .

All the Sox were super imo and the President too, even if he DID have another team’s jacket on.

He shook hands with the players in the locker room before the game, which we don’t recall Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite Daughter Finds Free Internet in AMSTERDAM

15 07 2009

en route

Posted by Favorite Daughter (penguindust)

Safe in Amsterdam, which is way cuter than you’ve heard. Especially our hostel, which has an amazing view and free internet!

Off to go exploring! Expect more relatively soon.


Florida Wants to Start Hunting Pythons

15 07 2009
Python swallows pregnant sheep, National Geographic

Python swallows pregnant sheep, National Geographic

Here’s why.

The dangerous business of capturing a snake that crushes and swallows its prey whole will be left to professionals — perhaps 20 trappers at first who could be cleared to begin taking out pythons within a week.

This is not the wild, wild West. These people will be licensed, trained and managed by us,” said Barreto, who . . . ran the bounty idea by U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar during a tour of the Everglades. Salazar, whose department oversees national parks, agreed it was worth looking into, but parks service managers have been unreceptive, said Dan McLaughlin, spokesman for [Senator Bill] Nelson, a Melbourne Democrat.

‘Bounty hunting conjures up an image of `Come one, come all’ and go out and start shooting around like Dick Cheney for $50 a head,” McLaughlin said.

Oh shoot! (pun intended.)
Federal control with licenses and training and stuff?? Can’t we just open it up for free market sport, this constitutional freedom to pursue happiness by killing, chase em and shoot em out of a black helicopter? Maybe with special states’ rights back to school events each fall, to get the kiddies killing along with mom and dad, sort of family values vanquishing of the wild, if you will . . .bringing the severed heads in for kindergarten show and tell and a nice prize from your sportswear sponsors?

Palin worked to expand Alaska’s aerial wolf killing program, which lets private citizens with licenses fly in private planes and shoot wolves from the air or chase them to exhaustion before landing and shooting them point blank. In March 2007, she launched a new program to pay 180 volunteer pilots and gunners $150 for each severed left foreleg of a wolf they turned in to the state Fish and Game Department.

Palin has been an unabashed proponent of killing wolves and other predators in Alaska on the grounds that they cut back on humans’ ability to hunt moose and caribou for themselves.

Sarah Palin with bear rug on couch

Wrapped in the Scottish Flag

15 07 2009

Leaving for Shakespeare camp yesterday, Young Son got a mysterious package stamped “Royal Mail” and inside, its (suspiciously book-like) contents were brightly wrapped in the Scottish flag, with a tag in his sister’s handwriting — don’t open until your birthday. Weeks of anticipation!

The flag is called the Saltire, a heraldic white martyr’s cross, in this case for St. Andrew, on a blue background. It’s one of the three flags combined together with the UK and Northern Ireland flags, that make the Union Jack, which hadn’t occurred to me before but makes perfect sense.

Flags_of_the_Union_Jack scot uk norireland

He’s thrilled. Me too though it’s not for me, and I had nothing to do with it. Having older kids is so great. At least these unschooled, unpunished, unchurched kids growing into such delightful and GOOD young adults, who actually like each other, and us, and themselves, enough to have plenty of affection left for the rest of the world. . .

And it took me back when they were little, how the box and wrapping could be a big part of the fun. . . Young Son is saving the box with its cool red stamp, and in his scotophile’s mind, the flag might as well be the present itself. 🙂

UDPATE: Just found a frankly fun post about the re-branding of the Saltire, and whether brightening its background shade of blue makes the flag less masculine but more appealing to women — but surely we women are attracted by “the masculine” more than most men are?? 😉

And as I listen to woman of color Sonia Sotomayor being raked over the conservative coals by an exclusive club of hot-red, not-blue, not-so-bright-white men of pervasive privilege wrapping their piety in a flag more like the Confederate battle flag than the State of the Union, white male conservatives who seem to think everything is all about them and THEIR right-ful martyr’s cross (except of course how our culture got so skewed toward their kind in the first place), and that appealing to half the population of the human race is a shocking and dangerous idea, this makes me chuckle. How about you?