Don’t Box Her In: Nance Confer’s Interview

17 07 2009

Fun! Nance’s “Homeschooling is Freedom” interview just went up. . . 😀

Poor Nance had a hard time with my questions.

I think the format boxed her in too much. Maybe it seemed too much like a test. For whatever reason, she just wasn’t comfortable with the box I gave her so she did what any resourceful, independent homeschooling mom would do and simply punched her way out of it.

When Nance wrote back, she apologized for tearing up the box and said she would understand if I didn’t use her response. But I’m running a blog that focuses on freedom, flexibility and fun, so as long as she had fun with it, then I’m certainly flexible enough to give her the freedom to respond in her own way.

Besides, I have plenty of duct tape. . .