Don’t Box Her In: Nance Confer’s Interview

17 07 2009

Fun! Nance’s “Homeschooling is Freedom” interview just went up. . . 😀

Poor Nance had a hard time with my questions.

I think the format boxed her in too much. Maybe it seemed too much like a test. For whatever reason, she just wasn’t comfortable with the box I gave her so she did what any resourceful, independent homeschooling mom would do and simply punched her way out of it.

When Nance wrote back, she apologized for tearing up the box and said she would understand if I didn’t use her response. But I’m running a blog that focuses on freedom, flexibility and fun, so as long as she had fun with it, then I’m certainly flexible enough to give her the freedom to respond in her own way.

Besides, I have plenty of duct tape. . .




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17 07 2009

I loved Debbie’s writing on this..duct tape and all. So is Nance in a box finally! I can’t believe that to be so..and what does the label say..

Inside this box, feisty southern homeschool mom’s who put up with no crap from anyone..

Been busy, miss you guys, but a new house, new garden, new yard and almost a new life! Last of five Malone’s to go to college, hitting the Indiana University to become a rival with her Purdue father!

It’s party time for Mom and Dad Malone. Free of children in our home for the first time in…..drum roll…please….35 years!!

17 07 2009

Party on, Dudes! 🙂

It sounds like you’re ready for a fun time.

Well, Debbie was very gracious. I didn’t feel comfortable writing anything cute (read: embarrassing) the kids might have said over the years and that’s the way I took some of her questions. So I just wrote what I wanted to write and she made it work! 🙂

I am (almost?) obnoxious about saying things about my kids and, I hope, other kids, that is teasing or less-than-positive.

I felt very proud of this attitude yesterday. There was a teen and his Mom or Gramma, I couldn’t tell, at the gas station. He had his hair all spiked up. And when I hollered, “I like you hair!” they both grinned and I hope that offset any other less-than-positive comments the hairdo might have gotten during the day. I worry about stuff like that.

So, no stories about dumb things my kids did. And really not too much personal about them. I don’t think even JJ knows their names. But that’s really not the point of any conversations we might have about children or learning or living.

Anyway, rambled enough. Back into my box. 🙂


17 07 2009

Lol, that must be some big box . . .
(for all her ideas and flexibility and heart I mean — not a physical size “wise Latina” crack!)

17 07 2009

Actually Nance privately shared a little bio about her kids including their names ONCE, five years ago, after we’d been online parent-education partners for a few years already. And it’s a good thing I remember, because she never mentioned it again! 😉

17 07 2009
Nance Confer

See, even super-protective Mom will slip now and then. 🙂


17 07 2009

I’ve stayed so protective even as FavD started college and her own blog at 15 and 16, then all grown up and now across the ocean without me, on her own, to the point that just in the past weeks, I finally figure her name is out there and that’s ok. But she’s pushing the halfway mark of her 20th year!

And she didn’t want me using pictures of her, until that graduation photo which she approved my posting. 🙂

17 07 2009


A true name is a name of a thing or being that expresses, or is somehow identical with, its true nature. The notion that language, or some specific sacred language, refers to things by their true names has been central to magic, religious invocation and mysticism (mantras) since antiquity.”

18 07 2009

Speaking of names, is there any parent reading who’s had any children grow up NOT to fit their own names? It seems to me now, that my two completely fit the names we picked blind for them. But at the time I worried about it.

I’m sure there’s a complex nature-nurture, self-fulfilling prophecy thing causing this effect to happen, but what I still wonder about, is whether it’s infallible?

22 07 2009
Debbie H.

Boy, sounds like I accomplished a lot just getting Nance to reply at all! I do understand that we need to be careful about humor, especially as it relates to our kids. But I’ve found most people who participate know how to handle it.

That’s one reason why I always refer people to my book when I request an interview. They can see how I almost always used self-effacing humor. In other words, the joke is almost always on me. Then I think they just naturally pick up that tone when they respond.

Thanks for participating Nance.

22 07 2009
JJ Ross

Hi Debbie, we’re really enjoying your project and I have it in my Google blog reader so I automatically see whenever a new interview goes up . . .

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