Bruxelles to Paris to Lausanne, Traveling Girls Make Tracks

18 07 2009

en route

“Two Long Travel Days…”
Posted by kiki under Switzerland

But all in all, now that we are in beautiful Lausanne, Switzerland, we could not be happier.

We won’t bore you with the details of our travels but when we finally reached Switzerland, we were amazed by just how beautiful it really is. I mean, people tell you that it’s beautiful, but it’s REALLY beautiful.

My friend Val’s parents so graciously offered to lodge us in this paradise, and Yvonne met us at the train station when we arrived, babbling about the beauty of a country surrounded by the likes of the Alps looming in the distance, their peaks shrouded in mist. We walked the short distance from the train station to their impeccable apartment with an indescribable view.

Lausanne Gare (train station)

Lausanne Gare (train station)

After watching the arrivée of the Tour de France on TV we went to the golf club (Club Domaine du Brésil) of which Gérard is the president. They’d held a tournament that day and we arrived in time to watch all of the participants come into the club house and then the subsequent awards ceremony. Of course there was then an “apéro” which featured meat platters, gourmet vegetable pizza, fabulously spiced filo dough creations, and tartes raisinées.

Gérard then quickly grabbed my attention by asking if I would like to hit some golf balls on the driving range. Jumping up and down with excitement I agreed. So Mer and I set ourselves up and soon realised that we had a problem making contact with the ball, much less getting it to fly a fair distance. But we had fun anyway.

After golf, we sat down to a meal of insurmountable quality and flitted away a few hours talking with Gérard and Yvonne about Europe and many other subjects. So here we are, exhausted, trying to upload some of the almost 400 photos that have accumulated on my camera.






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