Favorite Daughter Phones Home From ROME, Overlooking the Coliseum

21 07 2009

en route

I got a very excited phone call from the fifth floor balcony of a hostel overlooking Rome’s Coliseum! Then I saw this update on their blog . . .

“When in Rome…”
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When in Rome…walk until you want to throw up and see everything!! Which is exactly what we did today and we loved….almost every minute of it.


We arrived by couchette this morning after a…let’s say, interesting night of travel. We dropped our bags at our awesome hostel and, armed with only a map of Rome and off the cuff Italian, set off to find the Vatican. After walking for what seemed like forever, we arrived on the Piazza del St Pietro (St. Peter’s Square). We popped into a self service bistro and had life changing tortellini and with full stomachs set off to see the Vatican.

We descended first into the bowels of St Peter’s Basilica to see the tombs of the old popes and took great pleasure in bumping into people disregarding the clearly posted NO PHOTOGRAPHS sign equipped with the standard drawing of a camera with an X through it. Then we were truly awestruck when we ascended and our eyes were greeted by nothing less than ST PETER’S BASILICA in all its glory. The sheer size of it took us aback since we’ve come to know basilicas as basically small, ornate churches.

(using my hard-earned “American Italian,” I made the sign of a camera and asked a guard, “Si?” “Si,”he agreed. – Mer)

We wandered around the basilica for a while and then bumped into MICHELANGELO’S PIETA! We resisted our urge to bust through the glass and accost the marble masterpiece. Then we decided Read the rest of this entry »