Favorite Daughter Phones Home From ROME, Overlooking the Coliseum

21 07 2009

en route

I got a very excited phone call from the fifth floor balcony of a hostel overlooking Rome’s Coliseum! Then I saw this update on their blog . . .

“When in Rome…”
Posted by kiki under Italy

When in Rome…walk until you want to throw up and see everything!! Which is exactly what we did today and we loved….almost every minute of it.


We arrived by couchette this morning after a…let’s say, interesting night of travel. We dropped our bags at our awesome hostel and, armed with only a map of Rome and off the cuff Italian, set off to find the Vatican. After walking for what seemed like forever, we arrived on the Piazza del St Pietro (St. Peter’s Square). We popped into a self service bistro and had life changing tortellini and with full stomachs set off to see the Vatican.

We descended first into the bowels of St Peter’s Basilica to see the tombs of the old popes and took great pleasure in bumping into people disregarding the clearly posted NO PHOTOGRAPHS sign equipped with the standard drawing of a camera with an X through it. Then we were truly awestruck when we ascended and our eyes were greeted by nothing less than ST PETER’S BASILICA in all its glory. The sheer size of it took us aback since we’ve come to know basilicas as basically small, ornate churches.

(using my hard-earned “American Italian,” I made the sign of a camera and asked a guard, “Si?” “Si,”he agreed. – Mer)

We wandered around the basilica for a while and then bumped into MICHELANGELO’S PIETA! We resisted our urge to bust through the glass and accost the marble masterpiece. Then we decided that ‘maybe’ we ‘might’ want to see the Sistine Chapel…I mean we were already there. So we walked over to the Musei Vaticani and entered. After walking through numerous exhibits building up to the chapel we entered and were blown away by its sheer brilliance and perfection. The centerpiece in which Adam is waiting for God to impart life to him through his fingertip was truly incredible. All I could do was stand and bask in its artistic glory.

Then we endured the painful and arduous task of walking back to our hostel. The Vatican does not look so far away from our balcony. Then we crash for a while and caught up on our reading. All in all, it’s been a whirlwind of a day, but worth it nonetheless. I can’t believe we’re here. But, I think that’s half the charm.


(Tomorrow, the Colosseum! It keeps jumping out at us from behind buildings – “Oh, hi, it’s me, the Colosseum, just sitting here the way I have for the last couple thousand years.” – M)

(And a shout-out to our readership, which my mom, to whom I spoke earlier in the evening, says is quite vast. Thanks for your inexplicable interest in our affairs! – M)





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22 07 2009
Mrs. C

Oh, this is sweeet! She’s just so incredibly independent!

22 07 2009

Seems like yesterday I was chaperoning these girls by bus and car to dance competition weekends, poring over the tight schedule and micromanaging how many bobby pins and spare pairs of tights she needed to pack . . .and at the time as an anxious younger mom I was grateful for the commandment about no girl being alone for a second, even in a restaurant, for a restroom stop or to run back up to the hotel room for a costume piece she forgot.

I look at her now and it’s as her dad says: she’s “done!” All cooked. 🙂

22 07 2009

Another thing. She has a serious boyfriend of three years that she cheerfully left home to go have this adventure. And he’s being very supportive of it, excited for her. That seems independent and healthy to me, healthier than when I was her age and similarly romantically situated; I never warmed to the idea of touring Europe or seeking a farflung summer internship, much less going away to a different school for good. Then ironically, his whole family moved to Colorado right after senior year and so we grew apart anyway —

23 07 2009
Mrs. C

Probably for the best, JJ. I’m so glad I didn’t marry any of my high school boyfriends, either…

It sure looks like she IS “all done,” JJ. The training wheels have come off and she doesn’t seem too wobbly so far. :]

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