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23 07 2009

“Last Day in Rome”
Posted by Favorite Daughter (penguindust)

en route

Yesterday’s Report: Went to the Colosseum today, seemed like a good idea, since it’s close to our hostel and is the COLOSSEUM.

We encountered a rather hapless man named Glenn, whose dearest wish in the whole wide world seemed to be that we patronize his free walking tour. Feeling a little sorry for Glenn, who had a British or possibly Australian accent, we joined the six others he’d recruited (three Aussies, one Asian, one German). Glenn first paraded us around the Colosseum, telling us useful things we hadn’t heard before (apparently it was used as a brothel for awhile after the fall of the Roman Empire).

Then we all hopped on a bus (literally hopped) and went to see the oldest temple in Rome, the famous Mouth of Truth (Roman Holiday!), a church of St.Nicolas, the bones of St. Valentine, and some ruins of temples over which the church of St. Nicolas had been built. Then Glenn recommended that we buy cakes in the Jewish district, and oddly enough, took us to a hospital to eat them.

But it was a nice hospital! There was a turtle pond and everything.

After another questionably free bus ride, Glenn delivered us safely to the Colosseum again, where he totally hooked us up with Read the rest of this entry »