Favorite Daughter and Friend: Paris, Je T’aime

24 07 2009

“Paris, Je t’aime”
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en route

Arrived safely in Paris this morning after a 15 hour train ride from Rome. The ride was good; we slept most of the way.

We dropped our bags at our Montmartre hostel and then decided we would go see Sacré Coeur. We literally walked for five minutes before I stumbled upon a store selling Tour de France memorabilia where I proceeded to lose my mind and buy a Tour de France flag which will play into this narrative later.

Then we saw Sacré Coeur in all its glory. It is magnificent. We took plenty of photos as we made the trek up the millions of stairs, but were unfortunately not allowed to take photos inside (Fair enough).

And we also got brilliant photos of Paris, as Sacré Coeur is located on top of a large hill. We looked around in vain for the Eiffel Tower and then looked hopelessly toward a large tree and we saw it!! Or part of it. We could see the top of the famous French landmark, and that was it. So, we made that our next stop.

We took the Métro to the Eiffel Tower and then proceeded to stand in line for an hour and a half to go up to the top. As seems to be my luck, we got up to security and in the process of checking my bag the officials discovered that I was concealing contraband: the Tour de France flag I had just purchased. I was promptly informed that I would have to leave it with them and retrieve it on my way down. Then, just as we got to the ticket booth, the woman closed that window, trapping us like cattle while it simultaneously started RAINING SIDEWAYS!! We got absolutely soaked and decided that the Eiffel Tower would be more enjoyable when we were dry, so we left for our hostel and a warm “home-cooked” meal.

So here we are. We will return to the Eiffel Tower tomorrow morning first thing, and then we are going on the free walking tour with the Red Shirts who we patronised so successfully in Amsterdam. Then TOUR DE FRANCE!!!!

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24 07 2009

I’m so jealous! When I was young and single, I stayed in the Montmartre district whenever I went to Paris. There’s a wonderful hotel right on the Place des Abbesses (Metro: Abbesses), should you ever drop by while not on the Mom tour! I loved this area! Completely Parisian, yet very non-touristy, if you know what I mean. Real restaurants, real boulangeries, nothing intended for the tourists…

Unfortunately, my favorite hotel in Paris isn’t terribly kid-friendly. Small rooms, no A-C, itty-bitty elevator… We’ve since moved on to our second favorite — the a fore-mentioned huge hotel room, which just happens to be located a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg Gardens. WAY better for families with young kids, but you just can’t beat the Montmartre area for local flavor.

I’m glad the girls are enjoying their tour. They’ve seen parts of Europe I’ve still to experience!

24 07 2009

Beta, you must be feeling better now? 🙂

Do you have an idea why the Tour de France flag would’ve been “contraband” at the Eiffel Tower? That baffled me —

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