Ignorant “Birther” Conspiracy Theory Against the President

24 07 2009

Two things worth reading, for now:
and That.




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24 07 2009

Lou Dobbs drawing criticism at CNN for playing along, particularly for hinting the US President is an undocumented alien.

24 07 2009
Nance Confer

These are desperate times for the Rs.


25 07 2009

WorldNetDaily is consumed with this nonsense. Have you heard about the postcards? [rolling eyes]


25 07 2009

No, I hadn’t heard about the postcards, not sure I should thank you for that!

“Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND and someone who has made it his personal mission to find that missing birth certificate. . .”

Like OJ Simpson looking for the real killer!

What does this nation need now, to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity? Education, education, education.

25 07 2009

Here’s a question apart from the crazy people, that I seriously want an answer to: why would it matter even if someone were born in Kenya (or the Panama Canal) to an American citizen mother? Like an embassy abroad, doesn’t the natural-born citizenship confer via the little piece of sacrosanct American, um, soil, that is the mother’s person?

And if that’s right, then isn’t his MOTHER’s birth certificate the nuts should be agitating for?

Btw, what about our embassies? If your mom is NOT an American citizen but she can somehow get her baby physically born in or on the grounds of the American embassy in Kenya or Canada or Colombia or wherever, is that the same thing natural-born-wise as being born on American soil “here”?

25 07 2009

Generally conservative Stanley Fish ties this to another Obama controversy in an intelligent yet blunt way:

It isn’t the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate that’s the problem for the birthers. The problem is again the legitimacy of a black man living in a big house, especially when it’s the White House.

Just as some in Durham and Cambridge couldn’t believe that Gates belonged in the neighborhood, so does a vocal minority find it hard to believe that an African-American could possibly be the real president of the United States.

Gates and Obama are not only friends; they are in the same position, suspected of occupying a majestic residence under false pretenses. And Obama is a double offender. Not only is he guilty of being Housed While Black; he is the first in American history guilty of being P.W.B., President While Black.

25 07 2009

I think the Fish blog was the best analysis of the situation I’ve ever read, and it gives double whammy when you consider the writer, a fairly conservative, but fair thinking man with respect.

We just have to continue quietly supporting them both and dismissing the crazies..Thanks for finding this JJ, I had been looking for a definitive viewpoint from someone on the other side of the political spectrum. More like Mr. Fish, need to step up to the plate and add their voices to his to silence the lunatics,,well at least mute them..

25 07 2009

Meanwhile Young Son and I will do our part by enjoying a new biography of Satchel Paige (for Nance and any other not-fans out there, the late, great, black baseball trail blazer, born in 1906 and so far ahead of his time that he never got the benefit of it.)

Some of his quotes seem to fit the current circumstances like a (baseball) glove:

“They said I was the greatest pitcher they ever saw…I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t give me no justice.”

“Ain’t no man can avoid being born average, but there ain’t no man got to be common.”

“The only change is that baseball has turned Paige from a second class citizen to a second class immortal.”

And here’s a quote that doesn’t fit President Obama but it does fit us veteran homeschool moms —

“”Age is a question of mind over matter.
If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”


26 07 2009

Fish nails it! It just all ties together.


26 07 2009

It does all tie together, and that’s the larger power of story.
It even ties together with marriage civil rights imo, and independent home education rights!

Here’s an example, a race/sports/marriage tie-in from a January 2009 Snook discussion as my Gators were winning the national championship (not without controversy!), which I’ve just made into a “First Thinks First” page:

In my other post about my championship Gators, I was about to link this story, when I realized it fit better here.

Apparently UF’s amazing defensive coach Charlie Strong is a great guy in every way, except he acted on a dangerous urge that wasn’t “good for him” and married despite society’s disapproval. . . Strong is black and his wife is white.

I guess the only reason Obama is acceptable to be our president-while-black is that he (unlike his own mother and father ) wisely controlled his own errant biology and liberal delusions, with his own safe same-race marriage? Hmmm, and President Thomas Jefferson had the sense not to acknowledge where his sexual urges led . . .otherwise I suppose he’d be in hell too. Maybe he is anyway?

MIAMI – During a morning press conference the day after winning the BCS National Championship, Florida head coach Urban Meyer said he didn’t want “to spoil a great day” by talking about how his much-admired defensive coordinator is being overlooked for head-coaching jobs.

Then he proceeded to get mad anyway about the apparent lack of advancement opportunities for Charlie Strong, who is African American.

During media day on Monday, an Orlando Sentinel reporter asked Strong if his interracial marriage played a role in his being passed over for jobs, including one at a Southern university a few years ago.

Strong reportedly shook his head affirmatively.

“Everybody always said I didn’t get that job because my wife is white,” Strong said at media day Monday. “If you think about it, a coach is standing up there representing the university. If you’re not strong enough to look through that [interracial marriage], then you have an issue.”

Wow, Nance is right. Strong’s urges and choices have been so GOOD; they don’t seem sinful in any way that would hurt him or others, yet society is manipulating situations to serve their own unethical prejudices, to make his urges and choices hurtful to him anyway.

So it seems anti-marriage agitation against gays isn’t about the good of the individual at all, loving and working to help everyone be happy and fulfilled and moral as Warren claims, but merely the conventions of the conventional insisting their way is the Only Way.

26 07 2009

David Gergen had a good take too, as an intelligent conservative-to-moderate:

David Gergen, a former adviser to four U.S. presidents, is a senior political analyst for CNN. He is also a professor of public service and the director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School.

As a nation, we look to our presidents for moral clarity on matters relating to civil rights.

Yes, President Obama took a risk by weighing into the Skip Gates incident, but he was right to do so. Had he ducked the question put directly to him by a reporter in primetime, he would not only have snubbed a friend but abdicated his responsibilities. For over half a century, the nation has looked to our presidents for moral clarity on matters relating to civil rights. Mr. Obama had to stand up for Professor Gates, who should never have been arrested.

Skip Gates is 58 years old, slight, refined and often relies upon a cane. One glance should have convinced the cop he was no burglar. Even though Mr. Gates apparently lost his temper, the policeman was trained to be sensitive and understanding, especially in inter-racial face-offs. To have handcuffed him and bundled him off to the police station was on its face inappropriate (that said, the president went too far in calling it stupid).

But let me add one postscript as a colleague of Professor Gates and a citizen of Cambridge. While it is inconceivable to me as a white male that I might have been treated in my own home in the same way, it is also true that I have on repeated occasions seen members of the Cambridge Police Department treat people with professionalism and respect, regardless of their skin color. To me, the behavior of this officer in this incident was aberrational. It should not be read as an indictment of a police force or a community where diversity and civil rights have long been treasured.

27 07 2009

Hey, did you see what Salon is reporting the House just passed tonight?

“Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii…”

28 07 2009

Unanimous except for the 55 who didn’t vote at all. But still. I guess it’s true. A black guy really is President! 🙂


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