That’s No Soccer Team, That’s Just Rep. Bachmann’s 28 Kids!

24 07 2009

GOP ‘Mother Bears’ Decry Health Care Reform, Long Fast-Food Lines (I kid you not):

Bachmann and a handful of other House Republican women said at a press conference that as far as they were concerned, any reform would just make things tougher for them.

“I think most all of us here have had the opportunity to take our kids to a fast-food restaurant,” said Rep. Judy Biggert (R-Ill.). “We want to get a good dinner, and you walk in and there’s 50 people there and it seems like everybody in line wants to buy food for their soccer team or whatever. The American people aren’t particularly good at standing in line, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen if this health care plan goes through.”

“Any mother,” Bachmann said, would do whatever it takes to get “the high-quality health care that her child needs… As a mother of five biological children and as a foster mother to 23 children, there is nothing more important to me than to make sure that my children have high-quality health care when they need health care.”




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25 07 2009

“…fast-food restaurant” and “good dinner” in the same breath? Huh.

25 07 2009

I know, right? 😉

And what about sister-mother bear pol Cynthia “hunger is a positive motivator” Davis? Junk food politics for other people’s kids! I’m thinking these public-payroll legislating moms don’t have to spend time in line for food OR health care for their own kids, no matter how many they have.

Still, even with her extraordinarily privileged public position and perks of office — figuring a a great salary and on-site resort-calibre food plus her family’s health insurance is gold-plated, and she could staff out any unlikely problems — it’s hard to picture Bachmann or any Congressperson/media newsmaker simultaneously and personally caring for 28 children at home, in what I’d consider devoted Mother Bear style putting them (not her politics and public service and publicity) first, getting all of them to school and the doctor and the dinner table every day.

25 07 2009
Smarter Than the Average Mother Bear? « Cocking A Snook!

[…] (She will, if she’s smarter than the average Mother bear.) […]

25 07 2009
Mrs. C

I like Mrs. Davis a lot, and think her comments are taken out of context. But I totally did NOT get the “soccer team” comments. There aren’t 50 kids on soccer teams… let alone the “good dinner” comment.

I was more perturbed by likening the fast food to the health care. Can I have a side of CT scan with that? And a urine cup in a doggy bag to go?


25 07 2009

Only if you show your birth certificate! 😉

25 07 2009
Mrs. C

Shouldn’t be too hard. Mine is REAL, but unreadable, crinkled and so faded that you couldn’t make a decent xerox out of it. I will have to ask my local militiaman where Obama got his doctored up so that I can get a more clear certificate and hence, better service. :p

25 07 2009

I dunno about McDonald’s health care but I did write up some ideas about commercial family health care solutions, back when they were closing down school nurse offices and it looked like Walmart and food store clinics could be the answer.

Part 1
School Nurses on Aisle Four

Part 2
Does School Teach Kids to Survive and Thrive?

Maybe it’s time for a “happy meal” sequel? 😉

25 07 2009

Of course Liza has written about GOP politics and food MUCH more recently, about Sotomayor:

. . . had I written a post about how white-supremacists in the GOP are afraid of the consequences of having a Justice who eats patitas de cerdo, I would have been mocked and derided.

One cannot make this craziness up. From Conservative Whispers To Hill Reporter Of ‘Concern’ About The Impact Diet Will Have On Her Jurisprudence. . .

26 07 2009

And what if even McDonald’s is closed to you and your brood?

“Millions of other children, however, do not have the resources that Members of Congress enjoy. New U.S. Census data document that more than 8.1 million, or one in nine, American children did not have health insurance in 2007. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, nearly 20 percent of the uninsured in the U.S. are children.

“The 2007 Census numbers marked a slight improvement over 2006, but still recorded 428,000 more children uninsured than in 2004, the last year the number of uninsured children decreased.”

Bachmann is more unhinged and out of touch than Davis but both seem to miss the point — the world is larger than them. There are other people who have children. And other people who have health care needs.

Sigh. . . just thankful we have the insurance through the state for the kids. . . DS had to go the emergency room on Friday and it was not a heart attack but they checked him out stem to stern. And could not have been more kind and efficient. We live in a tiny town so no long waits — no wait at all — and no ER horror story here — the drive there was the longest delay.

Maybe we would have been treated the same at the emergency room without insurance. I’m sure we would have. They really seemed to be on top of things.

But I wouldn’t have had the information they needed because DS would not have gone to a cardiologist and been on meds for high blood pressure and other heart issues. Without that info, he might have been treated for dehydration and sent home (which is what turned out to be the problem).

But if there had been heart issues, then what? Too frightening to think about.

The advice from the ER doctor and nurse at the end of the day was that DS had to go home, drink plenty of fluids and relax and play lots of video games. He was very happy with that! 🙂

And he handled things so well. How lovely to hear your child calmly, coherently describe his symptoms and his previous diagnoses and meds.


26 07 2009

Bachmann is more unhinged and out of touch than Davis but both seem to miss the point — the world is larger than them. There are other people who have children. And other people who have health care needs.

Exactly! Oh, this captures it so well — what’s moral about that kind of selfish disdain for others? Sarah Palin (like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck for the male side of it) is the very epitome of this world view. Education is meant to be its antidote.

26 07 2009

There is a health clinic in the local Ukrops grocery store. The clinic is run by a medical practice and not the grocery chain. Still, my first thought upon seeing the clinic at the back of the produce section as to wonder how many people coughed or sneezed on the produce on the way to the clinic.

27 07 2009

Quip overheard via twitter: Sarah Palin has now gone from “neo-con” to me-o-con.”

27 07 2009
Don’t Spend It All in One Place . . . « Cocking A Snook!

[…] as Alaska tax rebates, but for the whole family, for the whole year? Um, well, I guess we can go stand in line at McDonald’s and cover our kids for a couple of hours at least, if we don’t bring their soccer team along . . […]

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