Smarter Than the Average Mother Bear?

25 07 2009

I love this story!

It’s got summer outdoorsy appeal plus everything from feminism to food, education to evolutionary implications. 😉

Last month, her achievements were noted in an article in Adirondack Explorer. And she now appears to have apprentices. . .

So you think Cynthia “Hunger is a positive motivator” Davis will now claim this is what she meant all along?

(She will, if she’s smarter than the average Mother bear.)

Could be awkward when “intelligent design” comes up though. Animal mother bears smarter in the wild than human mother bears being wild, no way, what intelligent deity would ever design that as power of story and expect to sell it? — oh, right, I forgot, the cartoon gods!

The ultimate Mother Bear apparently having been divinely designed even less than average-bright, hopefully made other food plans for her resignation picnic Sunday?

She just, to me, lacks substance and dedication,” poll respondent Barbara Jamison, 59, a data-entry worker at a publishing company. . .
Palin will resign on Sunday at a picnic in Fairbanks.




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27 07 2009

Quip overheard via twitter: Sarah Palin has now gone from “neo-con” to me-o-con.”

27 07 2009

“We eat therefore we hunt.”

Sound like a real mother bear speaking of how she provides for her young? Nope. Not an authentic mother bear but a million-dollar politician pitbull in lipstick said that, pretending to be a mother bear. And she said the Constitution said it. But as a mere Thinking Human not fond of the wild, I studied the Constitution indoors, and I’m pretty sure the Second Amendment is about a well-regulated militia, not McDonald’s much less pickanick baskets or wolf carcasses? (I don’t even know what wolf meat would be called if anyone actually ate it, does she?)

Let me tell you, Alaskans really need to stick together on this with new leadership in this area especially, encouraging new leadership… got to stiffen your spine to do what’s right for Alaska when the pressure mounts, because you’re going to see anti-hunting, anti-second amendment circuses from Hollywood and here’s how they do it.

They use these delicate, tiny, very talented celebrity starlets, they use Alaska as a fundraising tool for their anti-second amendment causes. Stand strong, and remind them patriots will protect our guaranteed, individual right to bear arms, and by the way, Hollywood needs to know, we eat, therefore we hunt.

27 07 2009

Full transcript of her resignation farewell to arms speech, all 2,300 words.

28 07 2009

It’s about time!

In the wake of Sarah Palin’s resignation, even conservative magazine editors are getting tired of her relentless anti-media shtick. Charles Krauthammer said Monday on Fox News that her complaints have a “whining quality.” Fred Barnes of the “Weekly Standard” agreed. . .

“There is a way to deal with the press. Look at the way Ronald Reagan did. He didn’t attack the press. He teased them. He made fun of them. He jokes about them, embarrassed them. It was great. People loved it and it didn’t have that edge, that whiny edge that you always want to avoid.”

Video of him saying it on tv, at the link.

2 08 2009

OTOH never mind the mama bear thing when maybe the MIFL thing matters more:

For Republicans, Sarah Palin is like the crazy, hot, ex-girlfriend you shouldn’t be hanging around anymore on account that she’s nuts and she makes you do dumb things but you accidentally see her at a mutual friend’s house party after a long summer where you’ve been separated from each other…and she makes googly eyes at you as that Ne-Yo song comes on…and, dammit, you really shouldn’t go talk to her…but hey, you’re only being friendly, right??…but gosh-darnet she’s so smokin’ hot…and you have nothing else going on…

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