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27 07 2009
by August J. Pollak, SomeGuyWithaWebsite dot com

by August J. Pollak, SomeGuyWithaWebsite dot com




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27 07 2009

Maureen Dowd, evoking the theme that is the story of every story in my view, says it’s all about the powerful narrative of mistaken identity!

(And apparently, about how our words and media cannot make us understood to each other.)

From Shakespeare to Hitchcock, mistaken identity makes for a powerful narrative.

A police officer who’s proud of his reputation for getting along with black officers, and for teaching cadets to avoid racial profiling, feels maligned to be cast as a racist white Boston cop.

A famous professor who studies identity and summers in Martha’s Vineyard feels maligned to be cast as a black burglar with backpack and crowbar.

Race, class and testosterone will always be a combustible brew. Our first African-American president will try to make the peace with Gates (who supported Hillary) and Crowley (whose father voted for Obama).

I tracked down Gates by phone at J.F.K. on Friday after he had talked to the president and agreed to go to the White House for a symbolic beer with the man he labeled “a rogue policeman.”. . .
How can they ever reconcile their accounts? Crowley says he asked Gates to come outside and the professor replied, “Ya, I’ll speak with your mama outside.” Gates wryly suggests Crowley got the line from watching “Good Times” as a child.

. . .And Gates says that if anyone thinks he’s a fiery black militant, they’ve got the wrong guy, considering he married a white woman, has mixed-race daughters and has white blood himself.

27 07 2009

Glenn Beck went on a long dark radio rant this morning, about “screaming between the lines” because he and Sarah Palin might soon be suppressed from telling the open truth about all the shadowy forces (like Barack Obama with his army of ACORN and the summer indoctrination camps to turn kids into community organizer robots) conspiring to take over free people everywhere.

Sarah Palin apparently was speaking about “tiny starlets” being used to subvert second amendment rights??

He warned that if his listeners ever hear him stop saying shocking things, they should know that it’s all true but that somehow The Evil Soviet Socialist Conspirators (led by the AntiChrist Undocumented Alien Obama) have gotten to him and partly shut him down, so he’ll have to speak even more in code and they should be more firm than ever in resolving to hear him and believe him and act on his warnings.

27 07 2009

A bemused Margaret Carlson just questioned on cable tv of Palin, how she can “know so little, and say it so poorly, and yet excite people so much!”

It’s gotta be the secret code . . .

27 07 2009

Frisky cock of the snook to COD for this Heretical Ideas piece by Alex Knapp that explains everything!

Is Barack Obama an American Citizen?

While traditional adherence to quaint philosophic concepts might make it appear that the evidence overwhelmingly favors the conclusion that Barack Obama is a United States citizen, it is clear that this cannot be the case so long as we don’t pay any attention to the idea that there is an objective reality . . .It’s perfectly logical.

27 07 2009

As Salon reports tonight, the US House just voted unanimously that Barack Obama WAS born in Hawaii, which might make the satiric Knapp piece obsolete . . .except for this from Glenn Greenwald which should give us serious chills . . .

The “noble lie” is the central tactic of neoconservatism

28 07 2009

Knapp’s idea does explain everything! If you don’t acknowledge the reality-based world, none of those inconvenient “facts” matter! 🙂


28 07 2009

No kidding.

Remember that the Wedge Strategy of the Intelligent Design conspirators is exactly that. Anti-materialism — deny and defeat the reality-based world, so you can rule it without even the constraints of reality itself.

Doug Coe at C Street and Ivanwald teaches the same bald-faced anti-reality, literally arming powerful men in government with this comical sounding but reality-denying silver bullet, to shoot down even their own wives and children and constituents: “who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Education, education, education. It was never more important for Thinking Parents to be paying attention and educating ourselves and our kids about what is REALLY going on. Belief is being turned to the Dark Side as a weapon of mass destruction.

And School can’t fight back and be the Hero, once Belief infiltrates institutional schooling and sabotages it as real Education.

We saw the penultimate Harry Potter movie Sunday, in which Hogwarts is literally destroyed from the inside out as a place of knowledge about their real world, a place of enlightenment and humane letters. The only real school “choice” was to stay and die or get out and seek answers on one’s own perilous quest, wherever it led. That whole “real” world is on the brink of self-destruction as we await “the end” of its story. . .

It isn’t easy for educators to “name the enemy.” They’re often quite literally forbidden to do so, with intensifying ruling class control of curriculum and teacher speech. . .(pg 193, Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter, ed. Elizabeth B. Heilman)

28 07 2009

The idea is that Doug Coe is like the neocon guru Leo Strauss, “the German Jewish émigré who . . .did not dissent from Marx’s view that religion is the opium of the people; but he believed that the people need their opium. He therefore taught that those in power must invent noble lies and pious frauds to keep the people in the stupor for which they are supremely fit.”

Using religion as a political tool has two equally unsavory consequences.

First, when religious beliefs become the guide for public policy, the social virtues of tolerance, freedom, and plurality are undermined, if they are not extinguished altogether.

Second, the use of religion as a political tool encourages the cultivation of an elite of liars and frauds who exempt themselves from the rules they apply to the rest of humanity.

And this is a recipe for tyranny, not freedom or democracy.

There have always been those who deluded themselves into thinking that they were akin to gods who are entitled to rule over ordinary mortals. But no one has described this mentality more brilliantly than Dostoevsky [who] imagined that Jesus has returned to face a decadent and corrupt Church.

As head of the Church, the Grand Inquisitor condemns Jesus to death, but not before declar[ing] that people can be happy only if they surrender their freedom and bow before miracle, mystery, and authority. Only then can people live and die peacefully, “and beyond the grave, they will find nothing but death. But we shall keep the secret. . .

The Inquisitor explains that the “deception will be our suffering, for we shall be forced to lie.” But in the end, “they will marvel at us and look on us as gods.””

28 07 2009

Although it needn’t be “religion” that enslaves gullible minds. Here’s a more general take on why conspiracy theories are so compelling and impossible to overcome in favor of reality, in all but the educated and well-disciplined (a la Howard Gardner) mind:

A couple of years ago, I went to court to testify in a case against someone who had committed a crime against myself and three other people. . . .the defendant was found not guilty and released without charge. Why? Because the defense attorney alluded to the idea that we had orchestrated a complex conspiracy against the defendant in order to destroy his life.

The defense did not provide any evidence of their own, but simply picked holes in the witnesses accounts, all of whom were recalling events from over 10 years before. It was a simple, yet incredibly effective strategy, and the defendant walked free. The 12 regular folks chosen randomly to be jurors failed to see through the tactic, and believed there remained ‘reasonable doubt’ that he had not committed the crime.

. . . Given enough time and resources, you could prove that Barack Obama was in fact an alien invader from the planet Krypton, sent to earth to destroy America and turn everyone into slaves. I imagine you’d start with the whole Birther Movement nonsense, then move on to the fact that he alluded to it in a speech he gave when running for president.

28 07 2009

Dentist Orly Taitz for All Your Tooth, Shelter and Fraudulent President Needs

You just can’t make up this true stuff about what’s being made up!

1 08 2009

Frank Rich today, excellent column that lays out some plain speak and reminded me of some things that tie in:

Obama’s election, far from alleviating paranoia in the white fringe, has only compounded it. There is no purer expression of this animus than to claim that Obama is literally not an American — or, as Sarah Palin would have it, not a “real American.”

The birth-certificate canard is just the latest version of those campaign-year attempts to strip Obama of his American identity with faux controversies over flag pins, the Pledge of Allegiance and his middle name.

Last summer, Cokie Roberts of ABC News even faulted him for taking a vacation in his home state of Hawaii, which she described as a “foreign, exotic place,” in contrast to her proposed choice of Myrtle Beach, S.C., in the real America of Dixie. . .

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