Penultimate Day in LONDON Full of Tours

2 08 2009

en route

“Tours, Tours, Tours”
Posted by Favorite Daughter (penguindust)

Sorry for the late update, folks, but we have been on tours literally all day.

Forgot to mention yesterday that we saw the Tower of London before the show! It was very exciting, because the whole Bloody Tower portion is dedicated to a discussion of who murdered or “disappeared” the two young princes. They presented some evidence, at which point we, the public of hundreds of years later, could vote on the matter!

As my brother was performing his (I’m sure) tip-top Richard III yesterday, we thought the conclusion was obvious: My brother did it. We explained this emphatically to people in line, and, judging by the vote counter, he was winning by a landslide.

After our two tours today, we may well be qualified to write Master’s Theses on the Tower of London, as both our tours – the NewEurope Old London City Tour and the New Europe Grim Reaper Tour – covered the Tower in some detail. We strolled along the Thames and got to see the reproduction Globe Theatre from a distance, strolled down Fleet Street, and traced the path of Jack the Ripper. We even saw the actual Ten Bells Pub where he stalked his victims, which is still a fully operational pub, complete with crusty English gentlemen smoking and drinking ale and doing whatever else it is they do in pubs.

Tomorrow we’re going to Westminster Abbey – for free! It costs about £15 to get in normally, UNLESS you sneakily attend their Evensong service, which they begrudgingly still hold open to the public. Ironically, Charlie Darwin is buried there. Hopefully we’ll get to sneak a peek.




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