King Richard III in His Kilt, Combat Boots and Crown

3 08 2009

These were in the Tallahassee Democrat after the weekend’s two shows. My favorite of course, is Young Son as the murderous Richard enjoying his spoils:

evan as king richard III Summer of Shakespear july 2009 democrat

Last Day in London With Darwin, Newton, Churchill — and Obama?

3 08 2009

“Last Day in London and Subsequently the Trip”
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Went to Madame Tussaud’s today…see accompanying photos.

Mer and President Obama Enjoy Madame Tussaud's Together

Favorite Daughter and President Obama Enjoy Madame Tussaud's Together

Also went to the Evensong service at Westminster Abbey. The Abbey itself is absolutely gorgeous and just teeming with the graves of incredibly famous people. On the way in, we walked over the grave of no less than the likes of Charlie Darwin and on the way out the brilliant Isaac Newton and the portly Winston Churchill.

The service itself was breath-taking as well as a bit Phantom of the Opera-esque with the massive organ playing songs filled with entirely too many minor chords.

That was pretty much it because of the massive queue for Madame Tussaud’s in which we encountered this insufferable shrew with her adorable eight-year-old daughter. The woman had been waiting in front of us for about thirty minutes when Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking Parent Betty Malone Takes on Health Reform

3 08 2009

Our own Miss Betty asks some very thinking parent questions and offers some sensible answers, light rather than heat for the health care reform debate.

And better than bi-partisan imo, her approach here is actually non-partisan. As in non-partitioning rather than two partitions, no walls erected on purpose to divide us against each other and segment us for easier market domination, separating us out and setting us against our own shared human interests.