Last Day in London With Darwin, Newton, Churchill — and Obama?

3 08 2009

“Last Day in London and Subsequently the Trip”
Posted by kiki under England, London

Went to Madame Tussaud’s today…see accompanying photos.

Mer and President Obama Enjoy Madame Tussaud's Together

Favorite Daughter and President Obama Enjoy Madame Tussaud's Together

Also went to the Evensong service at Westminster Abbey. The Abbey itself is absolutely gorgeous and just teeming with the graves of incredibly famous people. On the way in, we walked over the grave of no less than the likes of Charlie Darwin and on the way out the brilliant Isaac Newton and the portly Winston Churchill.

The service itself was breath-taking as well as a bit Phantom of the Opera-esque with the massive organ playing songs filled with entirely too many minor chords.

That was pretty much it because of the massive queue for Madame Tussaud’s in which we encountered this insufferable shrew with her adorable eight-year-old daughter. The woman had been waiting in front of us for about thirty minutes when a member of the staff came by to inform us that the wait time from our location was around an additional hour and a half, the woman completely lost it and let her true shrew side show.

She then proceeded to do the floaty dance in which one dances out of line and comes back and reclaims one’s previous position, a practise commonly frowned upon by polite society. To teach her a lesson, we cut in front of her while she was looking at God knows what, but she prevailed in resuming her waiting in front of us.

Luckily we did not have to enter the museum with her, but the spirit of her will stay with us for a long while yet.




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3 08 2009

Trying to picture how graves could “teem” and failing — I’ll ask her when she gets home later this week. 😉

4 08 2009

Got this brief post with my coffee this morning:

“Adventures in Heathrow Airport World”
Posted by kiki

So, we know it is too early in the states to call anyone, but our flight got delayed about two hours. We don’t know why, they just told us when we checked in that it was arriving late. Hopefully we’ll make it to Jax by about 7 PM. We will try to call from Houston, it will be about 2 PM Houston time, so around noon for you guys.

Again, don’t freak out, everything’s fine. We’re just waiting for our flight.

So I guess by my lunchtime here in Florida they’ll be back in the States. Seems like they’ve been gone a long time! Noticing this was probably the last post from Europe, I went back to the first posts at their travel blog to see what they had predicted for themselves. I remember they both told us they thought it would be life-changing, that they would come back “different” in a way that made me think of the Girl Scout fly-up ceremony, walking over a bridge from this younger self to a new, more accomplished and mature self.

Education, graduation and commencement . . .all of their own design.

(kiki wrote) I don’t know what awaits us in Europe. I can only plan for so much, and I know that Europe will always surprise me. And I am certain that it will be in a good way. I know I’m going to come back a different person, and I hope that everyone will like the new me.

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