“All Will Come Right, Born Again the Glory of Mankind”

4 08 2009

Young Son the history buff found this after reading his sister’s account of visiting Winston Churchill’s burial site in Westminster Abbey yesterday, during the beauty and peace of evensong services.

It’s fun to watch/hear (even after the tenth time, as I found out while he played it over and over lol) — but it’s some serious Power of Story too, for frightening times of war and rebellion, lies and spies, sabotage and infiltration. . .lift up your hearts and gird your loins and fight for humanity, the glory of MANKIND!

Transcript of the whole speech. . .

. . . the message which we send forth today to all states and nations, bound or free, to all the men in all the lands who care for freedom’s cause. . .lift up your hearts, all will come right. Out of depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind.




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4 08 2009
Daryl Cobranchi

Reminds me of this:”Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light. ” 🙂

4 08 2009

From what I’ve heard of Poltergeist (and Uncle Winston) there’s probably a good reason. . .

4 08 2009

Daryl, you made me think of what Irving Berlin said:

“A patriotic song is an emotion and you must not embarrass an audience with it, or they will hate your guts.”
–Irving Berlin

Also of this, which is related since Berlin wrote it:
God Bless America, school fight song for our times

4 08 2009

Garrison Keillor wrote a review of a new American music book for the NYT in July 2007 (sorry, don’t have the link handy) in which he gave some advice I hope is starting to apply to our politics now:

“Never apologize for a song that sells a million copies,” Berlin said, which covers the Beatles very nicely, and Paul Simon and Springsteen, and a hundred others, and so does Jerome Kern’s advice: “Stay uncommercial. There’s a lot of money in it.”

Meaning: throw away the formula, break the mold, be surprising. By the early ’50s, pop music was run by hacks, and bright young talents walked in and drove them away.

To which I can only add:

(It’s not clear in these confusing times, whether the Governor’s purpose is a fight song or a song no one can fight. Maybe he imagines all purposes can be served at the same time, by one song we all sing in unison, in public because that feels like most like home?)

Songs come from their own time, with their own purpose. No two are alike or interchangeable — which is funny because when one is really exceptional we call it a “standard!” And then complain it has an old-folksy sound –-

America, what a (fruited, foamy) country!

14 10 2010

So the glory of mankind seems to depend more on cooperation than competition with each other. Witness the collaborative and successful Chile mine rescue versus BP’s repeated selfish, lying failure to cooperate in the larger interest of mankind. Speaking of which, I heard this when it was broadcast and just noticed it reported on HuffPo:

Chris Matthews said Wednesday that, if the Chilean miners trapped underground for nearly 70 days had been members of the [oil billionaire-backed] Tea Party, their “every man for himself” worldview would have caused them to start killing each other instead of working together. . . .

Watching the continuing footage of the miners being rescued, he started talking about what the philosophy of the [oil billionaire-backed] Tea Party movement, which he viewed as “every man for himself, basically: no more taxes, more government, no more everything…everybody just get out there, make your buck, screw the government, move on.”

“These people, if they were every man for himself down that mine, they wouldn’t have gotten out. They would have been killing each other after about two days. This is a story of how people can work together.”

See the Hardball video of the whole segment at hotlink above.

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