Seeds of Unschooling Europe Planted In Culture Curiosity

5 08 2009

en route

Favorite Daughter and her fond companion Kiki are home again. I have had my hugs and gotten some presents, though surely not heard all the stories yet. As they adjust to Florida time again and catch up on their sleep, I’m sitting here trying to adjust to Facebook and I just realized there is a category called “notes” where one can post blog-type essays. Favorite Daughter apparently has been doing this more than blogging at her own Cocking a Snook Too! in the past several months.

So in her Facebook “notes” I found the perfect precursor to the Unschooling Europe tour. This is EDUCATION, and while it can serve them well in school settings too, that’s only because some school settings really do still appreciate and reward real education. 🙂

Assuming that most thinking parents will not be FB friends of Favorite Daughter’s thus wouldn’t be able to read this there, I’m adding it as a permanent page here under “First Thinks First” — as unschooling culture commentary and the true beginning of the wonderful adventure they haven’t had a chance to tell me all about yet . . .




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