Mad for the Women Behind the Men of Mad Men!

7 08 2009

madmen backstory Wall Street Journal Aug 7 2009

Favorite Daughter and I love everything about this show. At the end of WSJ’s feature on the woman-dominated writing team, I was struck by this trilateral approach to the meaning of life: the story of our lives isn’t so much simply public versus private life, but also “private” life distinct from “secret” life. And a compelling character’s story involves all three so that the conflict that rings truest is mainly within one person between his or her three different lives. (Sort of why fairy tale wishes come in threes and Freud saw id, ego and superego? Why Eve won the academy award for Three Faces in 1957, not just two?)

The ‘Mad Men’ Back Story

To craft story lines and develop characters, the writers track three categories: each character’s work, private and secret lives. . .

Even if your own private and/or secret lives haven’t discovered the guilty pleasure of Mad Men yet, you can play this “intelligent design” game and let us see whichever parts of your life projected into that world you want, as “a suit or a skirt.”

Madmen Yourself

I made a JJ but couldn’t figure out the download-to-blog trick.

UPDATE – see also On Mad Men: Drama Confronts a Dramatic Decade