Public Option Health Care for Kids in Our State

13 08 2009

Just up in our local newspaper:
With school around the corner, Florida officials push health care for kids

By Paul Flemming
Florida Capital Bureau

With a national health care debate raging, Florida officials Thursday pushed for enrollment in the state’s low-cost insurance program for children.

Back-to-school preparations should include making sure children are covered by health insurance. Uninsured children under 19 in families that meet income guidelines can get affordable coverage in the multi-agency program.

“Back to school is the time parents are thinking about it,” said Loranne Ausley, chair of the Florida Healthy Kids board. “Health insurance is available.”

There are1.6 million children in the 11-year-old KidCare. Its eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures have changed many times, leading to a 40 percent reduction from 2004-06. But further changes have increased enrollment since 2007. Since July, more than 50,000 previously uninsured children have signed up and started getting care.

The income guidelines include pro-rated premiums for families up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. The majority do not pay premiums, but low-cost coverage is available with rates ranging from Read the rest of this entry »

Homeschool Vibe Still Brainy Counterculture Good for America

13 08 2009

Yo-yo unschool types are world class again! No, not competing, lending their theatre tech expertise to help run the show. 🙂

Yoyo world 2009_logo

Last August I blogged Favorite Daughter and lots of your wonderful, smart, free-spirit kids too, as Yo-yo’s Brainy Counterculture Vibe Good for Homeschooling and America. Today I’m reposting it because it fits the political — and educational, see Lynn’s current conversation! — climate more than ever.

And this event itself is current again, as are the summer political contests and staged trick demonstrations I still connect with it as power of story. Favorite Daughter came back from Europe, spent a couple of days buying books for fall term, got a haircut and some sleep, then repacked her Tom Bihn Aeronaut wonderbag and took off again, for this year’s World Yo-yo Contest. She’s there working as a roadie right now; her boyfriend is running the live feed if you have kids who might enjoy it . . .


Have you got this vibe going in your family? We do!

Evolved home education and most all forms of “alternative education” just go hand-in-hand with this vibe. (Anti-intellectual church-driven school-at-home excepted, of course.)

I’ll bet your kids exude it too — Colleen’s long-haired Jerry, Not June Cleaver’s skateboarders, Nance’s two quintessential unschoolers, Doc’s quirky country fair quartet, Daryl’s dancers, COD’s fencer and equestrian. Heck, I was a brainy counterculture fencer myself, once upon a time. (The True Vibe can’t be contained, even in regular public school!)

Always unschooled Favorite Daughter and her mostly-schooled boyfriend were part of The World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando. For five thrilling days, they were organizer Greg Cohen’s trusted roadies and grips and security behind the scenes, technical crew supporting and marveling at these brainy counterculture young boys and what they could do.

The contest from July 31 to Aug. 2 drew 196 competitors from 20 countries, mostly teenage boys, who exuded an unthreatening and brainy counterculture vibe. They looked like skateboarders stuck inside on a rainy day.

Many admitted to not quite fitting in back home, where no one seems to take the yo-yo as seriously as they do. Most dressed in black T-shirts and wore their hair long. They had callused middle fingers and forearms scarred by string marks, and often carried Read the rest of this entry »