THE ECONOMIST: Homeschooling at the Kitchen Table, Seriously, Still?

14 08 2009

Sarah Palin must be not just reading the Economist now, but maybe writing for it?? Frisky cock of the snook to Meg, for this HSLDA-heavy homeschooling story she says will gag you:

economist homeschool art august 2009

ECONOMIST: Kitchen-classroom conservatives — Home-schooling on the rise

Moreover, having Barack Obama in the White House may cause more people to pull their children out of public schools, predicts Mr Farris. Views of the government are coloured by views of the president, he says, even though the president has little control over education. And Mr Obama is far too liberal for most of America’s home-schoolers.

Sounds like they didn’t know to call Laura Derrick of NHEN?! Meg is right. Gag me.

At least there’s a “response” online that might settle our secular stomachs: Read the rest of this entry »