Home Education Curriculum That Swings Both Ways Is More Fun

15 08 2009

I just came across a Catholic mom’s free home education curriculum philosophy (with video) based on the same core resources we’ve loved as secular unschoolers!

Lazy Mom’s Homeschool Curricula

Consider this a fun little sidetrip along the epic journey of self-discovery that is our Christian versus secular curriculum evaluation project at Lynn’s.

For a contrasting example, conservative Christian blogger mom Spunky once defined her overall homeschooling curriculum goal with this:

A well-educated child is one who knows and loves the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength; and loves their neighbor as themselves. That’s not proven by a standardized test score, but demonstrated daily in a life lived in obedience and service to Him.

This works for conservative Christians — school football players in the South for example, seem very well-educated if Christianity is the standard and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the measure. But my thoughtful, well-educated, creative-class children would be dismissed as idiot failure barbarians under that definition (excepting the universal humanist nod to the neighbors, who they always count as equal to themselves, better than most Christians I meet.)

I remember puzzling over a related post at her place, in which one teen son was being taught how contemplative bible study holds every answer, even to modern secular education issues such as video games and television. (Need I add there’s no television in that home’s education?)

So meaningful overlap between Spunky and Snook curriculum isn’t realistic. This particular Christian curriculum approach by its own intent, excludes the secular life of the mind almost as if it sees the purpose of education as inoculation against any other way of thinking and learning but obedience and submission to infallible Authority as defined by one’s elders.

The antithesis of what I consider education.

OTOH Lazy Catholic Mom’s curriculum works both for her AND for me. 😀

The Animaniacs and especially The Simpsons are huge around here, more Young Son than FavD but learning is naturally integrated when we’re at home together — we all learn from each other’s pursuits. It rubs off.

FavD is acting as Chief Justice of SCOTUS in her honors national government class moot court, presiding over five cases drawn from reality but set in The Simpsons’ cartoon town of Springfield. . .

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