“We Prefer Your Extinction to the Loss of Our Job”

16 08 2009

Maybe Crimson Wife is right, and illegal aliens really are what’s wrong with our health care system — if health insurance corporations themselves are the aliens!

Or to be more charitable, maybe insurance suits are of earthly origin like the rest of us, but were the first to be dehumanized and body-snatched . . .

calvin hobbes we prefer your extinction to our job loss


The last alien panel (hey, it’s literally a DEATH PANEL, alert Palin and Grassley, here’s the real threat!) would make a perfectly honest tv or radio ad against health care reform:
“We’re sorry to learn that you soon will be dead,
but though you may find this slightly macabre,
we prefer your extinction
to the loss of our job.”

And it’s not just good copy but it’s an old-fashioned jingle, a little rhyme that will stick in the brain and replay itself until maybe it finally sinks in, if their golden-throat is smart enough to pronounce macabre properly, to rhyme with job, and if they add a jaunty little tune with some studio backup singers . . .

To quote Grassley himself (if he *is* himself, although to be fair-minded and accurate he does show signs of body-snatchery) : “On this subject and others, it’s important that the debate is fair-minded and based on an accurate representation of the issues involved.”

Just trying to do my bit toward that end, sir.