Universal Truth as Home Education Power of Story

17 08 2009

As the Christian versus secular curriculum comparison discussion goes on (see recent posts for more) I dredged up from drafts today this May 2006 “BS” (Before Snook!) essay, which seems right on point for our current competing power of story and its many tangents:

Teaching My Own “Faith” to My Kids

Religion is Story and so is everything else the human mind can conceive or believe. Amen.

We’re not much for church or school, but we live for Story (doesn’t everybody somehow or another?) Musical theatre, libraries, bookshops and movies are our personal venues of worship, the wellsprings of story through which my family lives and learns and engages ideas and cultures.

The more perspective that comes with age and experience, the more I understand that for me at least, schooling was all-day entertainment and power of story, which is why I loved it so.

And I don’t mean just story time, English lit, newspaper staff and the occasional A/V film projector rolled into the back of the room — to me history was indeed hi-story, math was clever symbolism used to tell the most complex and compelling stories, science was real-world commandments as miraculous story, and later came college law, economics, communications, management and social sciences, even what was being called “cybernetics” — all very human power of story to me.

(That required cybernetics course and its tedious punch card practice in the basement of Weil Hall put me deliciously in mind of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in Desk Set!)

I still remember the wonder when I first learned about color, and probability theory, and geometric proofs. Magic! Miracle! Revelation! I’m no scientist or mathematician but I was forever transformed just by the power of the struggle to understand. I was seduced not by Read the rest of this entry »