Obama is Literally Hitler

19 08 2009

Guess the lunatic fringe is onto something . . .

Obama is literally Hitler.

“Do you know who else liked posing with statues? Yep, that’s right. HITLER!”

And do you know who else liked reading the newspaper?

barack obama reading newspaper


It’s all so clear to me now . . .



7 responses

19 08 2009

Obama has meeting with his staff.
So did Hitler.

The similarities are astounding.

19 08 2009
Mrs. C

Yes! We allll knew you would understand eventually!

Obama has a dog. So did Hitler! Will the similarities never end???

19 08 2009

I think if you look very carefully, you’ll see that Obama’s hair is parted on the right side, and I can see the very beginnings of a little mustache if I look close enough. 😉

20 08 2009
Salman Latif

Oh and he’s leaning his elbow on the arm-rest – strikingly similar to Hitler’s fashion 😀

21 08 2009
Luke Holzmann



21 08 2009

Yes, yes, goosebump-eerie but I can’t believe you all missed the hidden PROOF! It’s like a personal “tell” in poker. Look at the pictures again, because pictures never lie.

Both men read their newspapers by small windows to the world, huh huh? Wait, it gets even better — it can’t be coincidence, both real windows are positioned identically over their LEFT shoulders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It might as well be a DNA sample. Bet you didn’t see that but now that you do, how can you deny this irrefutable Truth?

21 08 2009

Compare that to this creepy conservative homeschooling photo, in fact, and it seals the deal.

Instead of any windows to the real world at all, these dutiful little automatons get only old sepia-tone men, over their RIGHT shoulders.

My work is done.

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