Outsmart the Idiots With Thinking Middle

20 08 2009

Hey, post-partisan public policy wonk JJ has been singing this song for YEARS! She’s not completely alone in the universe [choked sob of validation] . . .

What can we do? Issue the traditional call for “a return to civility” in political discourse? That’s a waste of time. There have always been demagogues, paranoids, and idiots, and always will be.

Even more idiotic would be to try to restrict speech — to threaten broadcasters with legal sanctions for being idiots. The only alternative to idiocy in free speech is the imposed idiocy of restricted speech.

A better approach is to outsmart the idiots, and those who use them.

Here’s my strategy: Form a strategic political force that can render the idiots impotent. It’s not that hard. We need a third political movement in this country — not today’s ideological right or left, who pander to idiots, but a group of radical centrists who step past their initial ignorance, fear, and prejudice, and actually think through solutions to our problems, borrowing ideas from all sides.

We don’t need 51% of the population. In our democracy, all we need to do is to control the middle — the large body of people who, despite the rhetoric, are not fooled by extremism. We need only win 5 or 10 percent. We could put the idiots and their panderers in their place – out of politics, and in school.

This third force can’t be a new political party — the system is stacked against Read the rest of this entry »

One of My Favorite Unschooling Europe Photos

20 08 2009

europe trip mer kikki