Cobbling Together the Best Real Learning We Can

1 09 2009

“Learning happens throughout the entire day. Some of it counts as formal schoolwork and gets logged for “accountability” purposes. Other things don’t. Is it all pretty arbitrary? Sure, but I have to work within the constraints of the situation I’m in. Isn’t that a big part of life?”

That’s something CW said here followed by something Lori found and linked, which taken together moved me to write today for Thinking Parents everywhere, as another new season of learning begins.

Sacred or secular isn’t the big issue I see. When it comes to learning and thinking, if it’s School rather than Education then I say we can do better and we ought to get to it. Both at home and as public policy.

On the heels of examining how Sonlight’s curriculum teaches kids to think and whether that’s suitable for secular home education or just for church school at home, I hope to remind us all that Church and State have a common educational interest both public and private, in controlling how kids learn to think and inquire — indeed in preventing much of it.

And that means the hidden curriculum of both Church and State is similar in effect, thus more Schooling or even Training (shudder!) than true Education.

I’m not one for absolutes and can’t imagine any learning program could be all one, none of the other. Learning is always somewhere in between School and Education, but Read the rest of this entry »