Teen Brain Research May Baffle Our Old Brains

2 09 2009

See Time Magazine for The Teen Brain: The More Mature, the More Reckless:

For now, these theories are just speculation, and the researchers concede that the interaction of white and gray matter is so complex that hard conclusions remain elusive.

“We have a new piece to the puzzle here,” says Emory’s Monica Capra, one of the study’s authors. “But we don’t have it all together.”

I’ll think more about this but my first reaction is that I matured early in every other physical way so my brain likely matured early too. And I did in fact experiment with a few risky-behavior boundaries, which I never could explain to myself as making any sense. When Favorite Daughter became a teen, all I could tell her was that in those years sometimes “your brain gets sucked out” so watch out! Real scientific huh? 😉

Also the power of this story sort of connects to brains and sleep in the NYT weekly science science section, the idea being that our brains could be telling us they want to be busy and productive by keeping us up at all hours, and putting us to sleep when they figure we’d be better off quiet and out of the way. 🙂