Any Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth for Favorite Daughter?

4 09 2009

Guess what we’re doing today?
Hint: it’s surgery under anesthesia and shockingly, have-to-charge it-and-pay-it-off-over-time expensive (thousands of dollars) and all out of pocket, not a dime covered by our already very expensive health insurance plan.

I shouldn’t complain though. Favorite Daughter has the leading role in this life drama. Her dad and I just support her while she rises to its challenges and makes the roles her own. 🙂

Being me, I’ve been wondering about the evolution of wisdom teeth. FavD tells me that they were once important because by the teen years, cavefolk had knocked out or otherwise rotted away several other teeth. Wisdom teeth came in years after all the other teeth, and grew inward to help move remaining teeth to the front so effective chewing could be maintained a few more years. Now that all our teeth stay in the mouth, there’s no need nor any room for wisdom teeth — and teenhood surely no longer equates to older and wiser under modern life expectancy 😉 — so they’ve gone from being natural denture to natural dysfunction.

She has no idea where she got this idea and I have no idea whether it’s scientific or just a good story. Maybe someone has already studied this and other Thinking Parents out there can enlighten me? — but for the moment I think I’ll just think about it. Assuming for the moment it’s true and following it down one possible path of logic, does Read the rest of this entry »