Blame This Shocking Photo on Lynn

8 09 2009


She made me do it.




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8 09 2009
8 09 2009

Emblems and symbols. But I didn’t know this, did you? From a comment on the original beard piece, Becky writes:

“The only bit I’d add re: the beards is that a number of church leaders have them – they’re called pastor’s wives.”

So of course Tammy Faye didn’t NEED a beard; she WAS a beard! The mind boggles. Does this suggest that not just in church leadership but in the free marketplace, society, education, politics and earthly power, the pastor’s little evangelical beard today is like the device of a “beard” has always been? — that women and wives are themselves mere window dressing to men, kept close as cover-up of the seamy human sex-lies-and hypocrisy underneath?

8 09 2009

Yikes! I’m to blame for THAT??

8 09 2009
Nance Confer

Is it Halloween already?!


8 09 2009

But surprisingly, I find myself thinking It’s not much more ridiculous than Rick Warren (the little beard yes, but also his “moderate” costume.)

9 09 2009

She had really pretty blue eyes. It’s all so discouraging that she, and Anita Bryant and someone like Andrea Yates even, can in the modern world after all our progress as humankind, nevertheless get sucked down into that patriarchal mumbo-jumbo world and become a caricature and a cautionary tale. . .

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