My Most Favorite Part of the Speech Tonight

9 09 2009

The striking image and power of story of those three amazing, accomplished, influential though unelected, intelligent, compassionate, complicated, and yes, beautiful pro-choice (AND pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-pursuit of happiness) women sitting together in the gallery:
Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden with Victoria Kennedy between them.

Now that’s integrity of public and private life.
Great stuff.

Handy-Dandy Public School Test For Constitution-Waving Conservatives Who Think The President Is Our Problem

9 09 2009

Watch closely for evidence that the presidential speech protesters have real principles, or if it’s mere propaganda behind their outrage over public school indoctrination. Cock of the snook to Lynn, our high priestess of evangelical excess as “education” —

Take Me to the River, On the Public School Bus, Never Mind My Parents, Coach Is God or Near ‘Nuff:

The head football coach at Breckinridge County High School took about 20 players on a school bus late last month to his church, where nearly half of them were baptized, school officials say. The mother of one player said her 16-year-old son was baptized without her knowledge and consent, and she is upset that a public school bus was used to take players to a church service — and that the school district’s superintendent was there and did not object.

. . .Superintendent Janet Meeks, who is a member of the church and witnessed the baptisms, said she thinks the trip was proper because attendance was not required, and another coach paid for the gas.

The Meeks shall inherit the earth, indeed! 😉

Wonder if their coach blasts Al Green at practice and on the bus to keep them plugged into his matrix and dependent on his control when they can’t literally go to his river or pray in a circle on one knee during school events:

Take me to the river
Drop me in the water
Take me to the river, dip me in the water
Wash me down, cleanse my soul
Take me down by the dirty stream, dip me in the water
Hold me
Wash me in the water
Keep me satisfied
[screaming with a beat you can dance to, segue into Soul Train]

baptism-2 NYT column by Robert Wright, evolution of god
Of course Take Me to the River is powerful power of story for all kids in the South, not just for sports stars but even for those who will outgrow the indoctrination to be scholars (like Doctor JJ!):

In the mid 1960s, when I was 8 or 9, I did get born again. At a southern Baptist church in Texas, I felt the tug of God and responded to the altar call, and several weeks later got baptized. Read the rest of this entry »