Sorry to Say, Dale’s Not Kidding About Darwin

12 09 2009

Harvard’s Humanist of the Year blogging about this momentous movie news:

I suppose it’s time to change the last few seconds of the trailer to,
“Not coming anytime soon.”



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13 09 2009

To nail down the anti-Darwin meme as not about “science” but about power politics for dominionists, look no further than Glenn Beck’s live FOX coverage of the taxpayer protest rallies yesterday. He interviewed an African-American on the scene in Ft Worth, “Pastor Stephen Broden, Fair Park Bible Fellowship” from Dallas TX, as I typed notes. Here is the convoluted buzz-word-laden, dog-whistle code, devolved gist of it:

“Our religious freedoms are under jeopardy” because the Left is attempting to “replace who we are, founded in our JudeoChristian heritage” with “a Marxist, socialistic doctrine, an atheistic doctrine, founded in a Darwinist frame that does not consider who we are as created by God” — so we do not craft a health care program that attempts to try to “depopulate what I call the Baby Boomers, that does not consider God’s evaluation as to who we are, as Christians”. . .

I heard an earlier Youtube between Beck and Broden, in which they oddly juxtapose “WE the people” rising up as one, to overthrow anything that dares bring us together as one people rather than competing, disaffected individuals. (??)

Broden: “Our motto is Information, Education, and Activation. . . to save our Republic.”

13 09 2009

Dallas Pastor Challenges IRS Rules
by Carolyn Barta Sun, Oct 12, 2008

Among those pastors across the country who want to prompt federal courts to throw out a 54-year-old ban on political endorsements by tax-exempt houses of worship is a black minister from Dallas. The Rev. Stephen Broden of Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church said he supports John McCain because of such issues as stem cells, abortion and same sex marriage.

The pastor appeared on Fox News’ Huckabee show Sunday night to say that the first amendment rights of ministers should not be governed by IRS regulations but by the Constitution.

“My congregation is interested to know what does God say” about these issues, he said.

A black pastor from Houston took the other side. He supports Barack Obama because Obama speaks to such issues as fairness, inequity and justice in government. The Rev. Myron Cloyd of Pilgrim Congregational United Church suggested looking at the War in Iraq “if you want to talk about issues of death — “not just on our side but people in Iraq are dying needlessly.” Cloyd, however, added that he doesn’t “tell anybody how to vote.”

13 09 2009

I don’t think Pastor Broden and I would agree on “what does God say” about this. It’s the essence of why we can’t blindly support “pro-life” politics or “parent rights” as opposed to human rights, much less outright theocracy:

SAN’A, Yemen — A 12-year-old Yemeni child-bride died after struggling for three days in labor to give birth, a local human rights organization said Saturday. . .

In February, parliament passed a law setting the minimum marriage age at 17. But some lawmakers are trying to kill the measure, calling it “un-Islamic.”

13 09 2009

Being American becomes more embarrassing by the day, doesn’t it?

13 09 2009

True, and being a homeschool family too– heck, there once was a time I didn’t even mind being “Christian” if I can remember back that far . . . the lunatics have pretty much spoiled everything with excess.

13 09 2009

re: “True, and being a homeschool family too”

To be honest, it’ll be nice to no longer have to self-ID as a hs’er 🙂

btw, here’s Genie Scott’s review of the movie

13 09 2009

Thanks! From that review:
“Movies operate on emotions—as Randy Olson says, movies aren’t about the head, but the heart, the gut, and the crotch. ”

Well, yeah except for me these are all connected!!!!

15 09 2009

I’m so embarrassed…

16 09 2009

Frank Schaeffer tonight on Rachel Maddow:
(typing as I listen)
. . .in the evangelical subculture we literally have a “fifth column of insanity” that the mainstream media just doesn’t appreciate. . .
Apparently in some new poll, New Jersey conservatives responded one in every three, that Obama might be or definitely was, the Anti-Christ

Schaeffer said his own mom had thought President Kennedy was the anti-Christ because of his head wound (some prophecy or other?!) and that evangelicals are weaned with their mothers’ milk to disbelieve FACTS and believe that kind of crazy “looking for villains” — now he’s saying that you don’t arrange the whole village to suit the Village Idiot! Yay Frank!

Oh, I’ll have to find the video of this and link later, he’s pulling no punches, just called Limbaugh and Beck “buffoons” who are “not terribly bright and talking to even stupider people” . . .

17 09 2009

Here it is:

17 09 2009
Nance Confer

I’ve wondered if we are too aware of this column because we are hsers. But then the last admin came along. And with numbers like those in the poll above, I suppose we need to know about this idiocy. And remember not to put them in charge of the village — again.


17 09 2009

He says the Village Idiot is fundamentalist Christianity — I’m thinking if “evangelical college crazy” has been subversively embedded throughout government, it’s still running aspects of life throughout our villages. How do we rebuild the nation around (or past, as he says) that?

Take the new student loan legislation. My DH has been on the forefront of researching and reporting how yet another corrupt “free market” industry is anything but free, how it exploits our families and children and tax dollars by literal plunder and pillage, how along with for-profit vocational colleges and giant credit card companies, kids and especially non-elite kids are just fat juicy targets to them.

See also Sallie Mae Offshore Loan Servicing Serves Neither Students Nor America and Student Loans: the Next Mortgage Meltdown:

There are signs that the government is trying to head off the problem before the numbers get too dire. Student advocates praised the Obama administration’s decision to remove “middleman” lenders like Sallie Mae and make all student loans direct government loans.

In July, the Department of Education instituted the Income-Based Repayment (IBR) plan, which caps student loan repayments to levels based on income, state of residence, and family size. Also, any debt and interest remaining after 25 years will be forgiven. Students who opt to work in specific nonprofit or public-service jobs could be forgiven after 10 years of IBR payments.

Mayer said she was taking a “wait and see” approach to the IBR, pointing out that it did not affect PELs, which cause most of the hardship. Collinge said the government was taking some good first steps but that these tended to sweep aside the real issue, which is to return bankruptcy and other consumer protections to people who have student loans.

“We’re not fighting to let people skate on their debts,” he said. “We just want people to have the same protection that applies to every other kind of debt.”

So federal regulation reforms to relieve us of some of the worst exploitation — like Wall Street regulation and health insurance reforms — are finally introduced, and the Village IDiots start in about government takeover of education. (Yes, I’ve been reading at Spunky’s again.)

You still could maybe hope to help them understand enough to be good citizens of the Village, that they are choosing the side of Wrong rather than Right and will be damned for it — if that’s the only language they can understand in their fevered imaginations — except that they’ve been so thoroughly and perversely blinded by insane ideology that they obediently aim all their righteous outrage on disadvantaged bootstrap village workers like ACORN rather than the true monied villains of American corporate crime.

How do we know they are insane? Because they’re still chanting “burn the village to save the village” and expecting their divine rewards, like any good terrorist theocracy. . .

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