Check Back for the 300K Prize

15 09 2009

Did you notice Snook will hit 300,000 hits this week, probably late today or maybe tomorrow? Who will be the lucky winner as our 300,000th visitor? What will happen? What SHOULD happen — red, white and blue balloons falling from ceiling nets? Cannon fire and bombs bursting in air? Virtual silly string?

If you have favorite posts and/or themes to nominate for Snook’s anniversary party (that I just now conceived), feel free to comment away, and I’ll enter them into consideration.

For example I especially liked the Teresa Heinz Kerry women’s health education blog tour posts, and given the current climate of health crises, that might be a great choice to bring out of the vaults . . .

JJ gets the first question so of course, it has a little wordplay and political power of story served on the side.

“It’s been said that all politics is based on either hope or fear.
What are some really hopeful environmental messages you’d like to emphasize for families living and learning with children, and what are some ideas other than public school lessons and tests, for helping our own children receive such messages, and take them to heart?”

THK: I believe that within the family deep learning does take place, in one way or another. Children live what they learn and learn what they live. We have to model the behaviors we want them to embrace, and that includes taking responsibility for our surroundings and caring for our bodies, earth around us, and all creation.

First of all, we can change the status quo
if we do simple things together . . .