“Undermatching” in College Admissions

16 09 2009

Have you heard of this problem? See Crooked Timber, a smart blog Thinking Parents will want to know about:

Unaffordability is not the issue.

Instead, Bowen, Chingos and McPherson say (in the book):

We suspect that the primary forces leading to such high undermatch rates were a combination of inertia, lack of information, lack of forward planning for college, and lack of encouragement


Socialist Catholic Church Sees Home Education as Dangerous Competitor?

16 09 2009

It starts out one way:
“We are engaged in the defense of hearth, home, and the families entrusted to us. ”

But then either ideology drives reason off an intellectual cliff or it says exactly what it means and I just never heard it this clearly before, dunno which. Can’t wait to see what CW has to say about this polemic:

The common approach to homeschooling today is inherently dangerous, because it may go against what our entire Western tradition and the Catholic Church herself teach about the education of the young — that education should not be done in the home, at least not for long, except during a time and place of crisis.

Seems a pretty stark set-up of American individualism in selfish conflict with institutional, one might even say SOCIALISTIC traditions, both of the Church specifically and the Western World generally:

Let us consider three Church pronouncements.

“Education is essentially a social and not a mere individual activity…. The family is an imperfect society, since it has not in itself all the means for its own complete development; whereas civil society is a perfect society, having in itself all the means for its particular end.”

Education, the fathers wrote “is directed toward the formation of the human person in view of his final end and the good of that society to which he belongs and in the duties which he will, as an adult, have a share.”

“Parents are the first educators, not the only educators, of their children. It belongs to them, therefore, to exercise with responsibility their educational activity in close and vigilant cooperation with civil and ecclesial agencies.”

The Compendium goes on to describe the “primary importance” of parents working with “scholastic institutions” in the education of their children.

. . .there is a rising individualism that is worming its way into our literature on homeschooling. Read the rest of this entry »