“Undermatching” in College Admissions

16 09 2009

Have you heard of this problem? See Crooked Timber, a smart blog Thinking Parents will want to know about:

Unaffordability is not the issue.

Instead, Bowen, Chingos and McPherson say (in the book):

We suspect that the primary forces leading to such high undermatch rates were a combination of inertia, lack of information, lack of forward planning for college, and lack of encouragement




One response

17 09 2009
Crimson Wife

This is what would’ve happened to my DH had he not had one teacher who encouraged him to apply to Stanford. As it was, he had to attend over the objections of his dad, who refused to give my DH one cent for college after my DH turned down a scholarship to Penn State.

Very different mindset prevalent in the working class/lower middle class neighborhood in which my DH grew up than the affluent one of my childhood, where anything less than an Ivy League acceptance was seen as a “failure”.

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