Joe “the Immigration Attorney” Wilson — Isn’t

17 09 2009

Not an immigration attorney as he claimed, also like Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, not named Joe either. His ACTUAL name is the southern-elite-sounding three-last-names: Addison Graves Wilson.

But what’s in a name, right? (At least it isn’t HUSSEIN!) Do facts and context matter? Does learning more give you the chance to ACTUALLY think instead of spout insanity programmed by your puppetmasters?

Do you think that would justify heckling him with “you lie”?

Maybe that ACTUALLY (Sarah Palin’s favorite word for fantastically misdefining someone or something to suit herself) depends not so much on the meaning of “actual” or “lie” but on the meaning of “you?” Yeah, I’m talking to YOU.

Michelle Malkin offers a Joe lies defense that sounds like it would have applied to Barack Obama too, against his worst deranged critics — guys like Addison You Lie! — except that apparently her thinking lacks replicable results and commutative properties and is therefore unlike the irrefutable logic of addition and multiplication. Weak as reasoning, muddled and useless as problem-solving. Also a flat-out lie every time she self-identifies otherwise.

The Keating connection claim has sent the left into conspiratorial frenzy. Joe is a plant! Joe is a liar! Joe is a [profanity] member of the Vast Read the rest of this entry »