New Secret Video: Pimp and Prostitute Real This Time

20 09 2009

UPDATE Sept 24: Unintended Consequences of Congress Acting to De-fund ACORN:

[C]ontractors that “might be caught in the ACORN net. . .

Did you know that Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman had 20 fraud cases between them? And that your Congress didn’t care?
[Blackwater, Halliburton and] taxpayer-funded contractor DynCorp — its employees actually, LITERALLY, did service a prostitution ring . . .Girls between the ages of 12 and 15 were involved. . . . six years later, employees of the very same contractor went to Iraq and DID IT AGAIN! And this time somebody got killed.

. . .DynCorp is still “supporting U.S. interests worldwide.”

The only reason the American people have earned a potential tool in guarding against contractor fraud is because Congress created it BY ACCIDENT.

. . .This is a moment the media should seize.


Journalism may not be the oldest profession but it once was more honorable than this. If you think ACORN employees were shamelessly manipulating our democracy, check out a young woman who wasn’t just playing a role but actually degrading herself and her employers for hire and got caught on secret video . . .she hasn’t been fired though, just “disciplined” whatever that means in the world of public prostitution. [shudder]



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21 09 2009

In contrast we have real newspaper journalism, the role of which (well, since Hearst-Pulitzer at least) has focused on the people’s right to know, not the media’s right to keep them from knowing by pretending the news for themselves and the historical record:

(cock of the snook for the link to Valerie)

21 09 2009

From the newspaper story:
“”I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding,” the President said.

. . .Several bills have been introduced in Congress to aid the newspaper industry, including a Senate measure that would allow newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax breaks.”

Maybe they should restructure as the Church of Journalistic Integrity? The tax benefits and outright marketing opportunities are FABULOUS!

21 09 2009

Not the first time I’ve thought of real journalism and real education and real books (and real public policy discourse) as worthy of what we quaintly call real worship these days, btw. Here’s a post from March:

Dumbing Down, Smartening Up
22 03 2009

What I’m listening to this Sunday morning, rather than — or as? — my weekly sermon.

I’ve read a couple of the featured books and already admire most of the authors being interviewed, starting with:

Susan Jacoby is the author of “The Age of American Unreason.” She talks with Steve Paulson and gives several frightening examples of the way American culture is dumbing itself down, and how poorly educated many American college graduates are.

Now near the end of the hour, internet critic Andrew Keen is making the case that our culture must reevaluate our bias against expertise, to get comfortable with knowledge and reason again, and embrace the reality that professionals who spend 20 years training and practicing do generally know more about that field than if they hadn’t done!

I liked some of these ideas about Reason better than others but all are worth thinking about, particularly a funny discussion about unreasoning persuasion with the author of “Bear v Shark” (haven’t read it yet) about how the “non sequiter” has become our culture’s new “sequiter”. . .

21 09 2009

Kathleen Parker on same theme, same month:
Frayed Thread In a Free Society

BOSTON — The biggest challenge facing America’s struggling newspaper industry may not be the high cost of newsprint or lost ad revenue, but ignorance stoked by drive-by punditry. . .

Constant criticism of the “elite media” is comical to most reporters, whose paychecks wouldn’t cover Limbaugh’s annual dry cleaning bill. The truly elite media are the people most Americans have never heard of — the daily-grind reporters who turn out for city council and school board meetings. Or the investigative teams who chase leads for months to expose abuse or corruption.

These are the champions of the industry, not the food-fighters on TV or the grenade throwers on radio. Or the bloggers (with a few exceptions), who may be excellent critics and fact-checkers, but who rely on newspapers to provide their material. . .

22 09 2009

Stop the Presses: Entrepreneurial Journalism

. . .Journalism schools are also trying to give students the tools they need to invent new models of the profession.

In addition to multimedia skills, Temple also teaches an elective undergraduate course on “entrepreneurial journalism,” which, according to the syllabus, helps students “understand the changing media landscape and recognize underserved niches.” Students study why the field is changing so fast, anticipate which direction it will go, design business models, and begin the process of creating new journalistic outlets.

“There’s not a great future in working for mainstream media,” says Mr. Harper. “The future is for smart, hard-working students to band together, create their own media, and make a business out of it—and that’s what a lot of them are doing.”

“We returned [from backpacking Europe] to an economy in recession and the print industry in free fall and said, ‘Hell, let’s build something of our own,'” he says. In February the duo began publishing Technically Philly, a news site that covers local technology and innovation.

Although it has yet to make a profit, Mr. Wink remains optimistic. “I very much feel in this media environment you have to create your own job,” he says.

24 09 2009

It seems so quaint now, my outrage over Dan Rather’s lack of objectivity and journalistic scrupulousness during the 2004 presidential campaign. America’s got bigger troubles than the economy and what’s needed is a bailout of reason and ordinary sense, if we now accept terrorism by propaganda as news journalism.

The “prostitute” on-camera in the conservative bomb squad posing as journalists in the vast right-wing FOX-fix against America, explains in her own words that she and her “pimp” partner targeted ACORN because on first sight in a chance encounter, she just didn’t like how they looked.

Nothing racist about that, nope, nope . . .is it journalism?

Giles told Beck in her first interview that she concocted the undercover video plan after taking a wrong turn during a jog in May, soon after arriving in Washington.

Her running route that day led her past the Washington office of ACORN, a group which, according to one mentor, she had read about but had not researched extensively.

“I was like, you know, I’d never seen them before. I don’t like them,” Giles told Beck. “And I came up with the idea.”

And did you know her partner — the “pimp” of the video in the chinchilla wrap — got his start ambushing Planned Parenthood with a tax-exempt “balance in media” grant?

Though he has said he has no formal training as a journalist, O’Keefe helped found a conservative monthly journal called The Centurion as an undergraduate at Rutgers, an hour’s drive south from his family’s home in the comfortable suburb of Westwood, N.J.

The magazine soon landed a $500 “balance in media” grant from the Leadership Institute, according to Morton C. Blackwell, the organization’s president. . .

One such success was an anti-abortion magazine at UCLA called Live Action’s The Advocate founded by then-freshman Lila Rose. O’Keefe’s work with Rose against Planned Parenthood in 2007 – which included recording staff’s willingness to let him donate only for black women to get abortions – eventually prompted Blackwell to ask O’Keefe to leave the institute, according to Blackwell.

Blackwell said that while he supported O’Keefe’s work to “expose the absurdities and illegalities of the left,” he was concerned the projects could be interpreted as advocacy that would risk the institute’s tax-exempt status.

24 09 2009

Heard on cable this morning: The video mastermind O’Keefe says he hopes to “expose more corruption and do more investigating” and Joe Scarborough says “isn’t it remarkable a guy with a camera” can have such a profound effect on an organization.

Barney Frank and Bill O’Reilly say:

Frank told O’Reilly that he admired “the spirit” these two young journalists had in setting up their sting operation, however it’s possible that they broke a Maryland law, and Frank, unlike O’Reilly, does not believe this should be dismissed out of hand simply because the journalists had good intentions.

O’Reilly: Nobody cares about the Maryland wiretap law. I want to know in spirit if you admire them.

Frank: I’m sorry, what an outrageous statement. What an outrageous statement for you to make: nobody cares about the Maryland wiretap law. I do care about the law. I’m an elected official.

O’Reilly: Well, you’re a little eccentric there, Congressman, with all due respect.

24 09 2009

And don’t let’s forget CNN, the first N is for News, they originated straight news journalism on cable, never mind left or right — right?

CNN birther-monger Lou Dobbs apparently reads the internets and had many nerves touched by a blogpost entitled “As Movement Demanding CNN Dump Him Grows, Dobbs Plays Victim.”

DOBBS: This guy…he’s a non-entity but he’s one of my fleas. . .I mean, he is one of those delusional left-wing activists who doesn’t care a whit about the truth, he has nothing to do with the truth, but what’s really interesting is he’s trying to, he’s just, he’s playing one heck of a…stupid game. . .You are a typical left-wing activist coward propagandist trying to use the Constitution that enables all of to have free expression trying to deny my rights.

What rights does Dobbs think he is being denied? Is there a part of the Constitution that stipulates that all Americans have the right to host news shows?
. . .There’s no talk at all about prohibiting Dobbs’s freedom of speech. . . This is just one of those examples of a serial platform abuser asserting that the Constitution grants him the right to continue abusing his platform without facing criticism.
. . . Maybe Dobbs should reflect on whether the outrage targeted in his direction is because he has opinions on illegal immigration or that he presents these opinions in a multitude of uninformed and irresponsible ways, placing him at odds with the traditional standards of what is known as “the news.” . . .Does Mr. Lovato have a news show, on the teevee? No? Well then he should realize his rights are less equal.

DOBBS: “You’re trying to deny me my rights while turning over this country to those who have no regard for our laws, for our rules, for our customs, and the legal foundation of this country.”

It would be terrible if such people assumed control in this country! Our phones could get wiretapped or something!

4 01 2011
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