Science Fiction — and Anti-science Fiction?

21 09 2009

Check out the Google graphic today, did you know this was H.G. Wells’ birthday?

google graphic for HG Wells birthday sept 21

And former Miss California, tall, blonde and ridiculously, redundantly, bionically enhanced-for-effect Carrie Prejean, remember her, the defender of “opposite marriage” for “her country” all the while doing what beauty queens as a breed do, exploiting sex and outlandish storytelling for big bucks in a personal power grab under the hot media lights (not in church) — she is spinning a made-for-tv sy-fy whopper on cable news via some conservative political convention called a Family Values event over the weekend:
“God chose me for that moment!” she thrills . . .

Anti-science fiction? Or ACTUAL history of how the human race was enslaved once again by dark dominionist forces from another planet or at least a foreign fifth column that uses our own values against us. . .

What if Invasion of the Body Snatchers IS a true story — not written by HG Wells, but then history has many authors.

I wish this all WERE science fiction, and not power of story reality in 21st century America. But Miss Prejean’s true lies make Mr. Wells’ fictional truths sound eerily prescient, even in his most fevered imaginations. Take this title to describe the real weekend of Thinking Parent discussion some of us home education parents just had, and this chapter one quote as a forward-looking draft of its history:

H. G. Wells, English author, futurist, essayist, historian, socialist, and teacher wrote “The War of the Worlds” (1898)

Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. And early in the twentieth century came the great disillusionment.

The invasion of earth by aliens . . .

Chronicle of Higher Education:

Not infrequently, theological concepts are packaged as the conclusions of historical research. The problem is not merely that biblical characters like Moses or Jesus are presented to the public as figures of history on the slimmest of evidence, but, more insidiously, that biblical claims about human obligation to a god are presented as though they are supported by some kind of evidence.

Taking over the world for their kind isn’t science fiction or movie comedy to religious dominionists, as much as we’d like to think so. It is war and if it’s a game, it’s for keepsies.

Here’s my own first Learning of the Day, did you know this?:

Wargaming became a pastime for civilians when H.G. Wells — now known as the father of miniature wargaming — published his rules, Little Wars. Appearing just as the First World War was about to begin, this game system allowed gamers to use commercially available toy soldiers as their playing pieces.

What SHALL we call Christ as a kick in the head?
As a former school librarian I still can’t figure out what genre this story fits, but I’m beginning to believe it packs a real punch. . .pun intended.



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21 09 2009

Frank Schaeffer from personal history, not science fiction:
Glenn Beck and The 9/12 Marchers: Subversives From Within

“Ordinary folks from Planet Earth may ask why the Republican Party, right-wing activists and members of the Religious Right seem so unreachable with mere facts let alone decency and decorum. (As the proud father of a US Marine who fought in Afghanistan, I’m particularly outraged that these people would exploit the 9/11 attacks after my son and others were prepared to give their lives in response to our enemies.)

As a former Religious Right leader, who was raised (and home-schooled by my Evangelical-leader parents, Francis and Edith Schaeffer) in the movement, let me explain just why the ordinary rules of decency don’t apply to the right these days.

Let me also answer this question: Who /are/ these people?

. . .Long term the Religious Right subculture has to be understood, then exposed for what it is: an anti-democracy movement built on willful lies with potentially violent underpinnings in the thrall of an apocalyptic cult of revenge on everyone not like “us.” It is also the useful tool of corporate lobbyists. Who use these shock troops of the proudly ignorant
for non-ideological reasons.

The Religious Right may have lost a round politically but they’ve still got a “lead pipe” in their back pocket.
They can still “win” by making the rest of us lose our democracy . . .

21 09 2009
23 09 2009

It does make you rethink homeschooling…doesn’t it..It gives me a shudder, a pause to think I’ve “helped’ religious right homeschoolers continue their insulation, even if I tried to “show” them by my life, that their version of the truth is just that, their version..

I’m getting more and more slammed, and now the “kids” who I’ve worked with in theatre…are growing up and I see their stringent views in their rhetoric..aka..on Today’s facebook post..

Thanks for the defense JJ. 🙂 I got your back, you got mine. 😛

23 09 2009
Crimson Wife

Hey JJ-
I heard about a new book today that I thought might interest you. It’s called Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives by Michael Specter, who is the science & health writer for The New Yorker.

23 09 2009

Cool CW, thanks! I’m making another bookstore run next week when it is “educators 30% off everything” week.

Betty, is that who responded to you with that dogmatic dourness? Goodness, what a downer way to live. Think what a burden that must be for the person to live with, never mind we who occasionally get it projected our way . . .
{{{hug to Betty}}}

To both of you, check this out in um, honor? — of Darwin’s Origin of Species 150th anniversary in November. The plan is unabashed Christian far-right evangelical lies written right into a classic science book, flooding the college campus . . .I hope that’s a metaphor for some power of story or other, because as reality it just sucks.

23 09 2009

Author Slams WSJ for Bias

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 18 /Christian Newswire/ — This weekend The Wall Street Journal pitted atheism against God (Sept. 12-13th 2009, page W1). The full-page piece was adorned with huge graphics of Charles Darwin going head-to- head with God. Best-selling author Ray Comfort said, “The problem was that both perspectives were pro-atheistic evolution. It was a farce in the guise of “Man vs. God.” The newspaper is free to publish anything they wish, but they are revealing either ignorance or a strong bias. Darwin wasn’t anti-God at all. In his famous book Origin of Species Darwin refers to creation as the ‘works of God,’ and calls Him the ‘Creator’ an amazing seven times. The Journal’s ‘pro-God’ side of the argument conceded defeat in the very first sentence. It was pathetic. It’s precisely because of this prevalent ignorance (or dishonesty) that we are giving away 50,000 copies of Origin of Species throughout universities in the United States this November.”

Comfort plans to give away free a 304 page publication of Origin of Species at 50 top universities on the original book’s 150th anniversary. It is being published in conjunction with his new book, Nothing Created Everything (World Net Daily) in which he reveals what atheists such as Richard Dawkins actually believe.

“I have had many conversations that go like this,” Comfort said.

“So you are an atheist. Do you then believe that nothing created everything, which is a scientific impossibility?”


“So you believe that something created everything?”


“Then you’re not an atheist.”


The author, who hosts an award-winning television program, with actor Kirk Cameron, said, “All you have to do is present unbiased facts about the unscientific and unthinking nature of atheistic evolution, and then watch people change their minds (we have a number of professing atheists do that on camera). And when God is brought back into their worldview, they think about the importance of living in regard to moral absolutes. Evolution says that there is no absolute right or wrong, and that human beings are nothing but meaningless animals. God says that we have worth, and that there is absolute right and wrong. That changes everything.

He added, “We are very excited to give away Origin of Species because the introduction not only reveals Darwin’s thoughts on the existence of God, but it lists the theory’s many hoaxes, exposes the unscientific belief that nothing created everything, points to the incredible structure of DNA, and the absence of any species-to-species transitional forms. It presents a balanced view of Creationism with information on scientists who believed that God created the universe– scientists such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nicholas Copernicus, Francis Bacon, Michael Faraday, Louis Pasteur and Johannes Kepler.”

Not everyone is excited about students getting both sides of the argument. One atheist said, “In this instance, I would advocate book-burning.”

The full introduction can be freely read on www dot livingwaters dot com.

23 09 2009

An oldie but goodie:

ORIGIN OF THE SPECIOUS : Why do neoconservatives doubt Darwin?
Reason Magazine
July 1997

. . .The Vatican, after all, has had occasion to absorb a truth succinctly stated by biologist Paul Gross: “Everybody who has undertaken in the last 300 years to stand against the growth of scientific knowledge has lost.” That lesson has a moral: If Darwinian evolution is scientifically true, then we have no choice but to go forward and build as good a society as we can in the light of this truth.

The Vatican also brings to bear the wisdom of St. Augustine, whose confessed life may be understood as an inquiry into nature and grace.

“If we come to read anything in Holy Scripture,” he wrote 16 centuries ago, “that is in keeping with the faith in which we are steeped, capable of several meanings, we must not by obstinately rushing in, so commit ourselves to any one of them that, when perhaps the truth is more thoroughly investigated, it rightly falls to the ground and we with it.”

24 09 2009

It must be the rainy day, but everywhere I went today, I saw fanatacism..and it truly frightened me for the first time. I felt as though I had ended up on the planet in A Wrinkle in Time where sameness of belief, thought and action held Meg’s father captive..that terrible place where only one belief and way of living is allowed..and I felt truly alarmed..

I saw a family bowing their head to pray at McDonal’s, (in itself not alarming to me) but at another table were 6 older couples wearing patriotic t-shirts and railing against Obama..and at the library..was an announcement of Congressman Pence coming to speak..(he’s very conservative religious right) and suddenly I felt very surrounded…

24 09 2009
Crimson Wife

I pray and sometimes wear patriotic shirts and have been known to rail against President Obama’s policies but that doesn’t mean I want to live in a place where only 1 set of beliefs is allowed by the government. It’s not the civil authorities’ job to be the thought and/or morality police. I’m a firm believer in the existence of Free Will and of people choosing for themselves between right and wrong. The government should only step in to prevent one person from harming another. We all need to worry more about our own lives because that’s what we’ll be accountable for in the end and not so much about how others choose to live theirs.

24 09 2009

Whoa! Time out shirts. Who said anything about only one set of beliefs being allowed by civil authorities???

CW, really. You missed the whole thrust of this thread and even if you were right about it, it isn’t the civil authorities who are the issue here. It’s the people stockpiling bullets for the imagined Obamapocalypse.

25 09 2009
Crimson Wife

I was responding to comment #8 about a family praying and some folks railing against the president while wearing patriotic t-shirts as supposedly being evidence of fanaticism and a desire to impose conformity. And I’m saying don’t be too quick to impute nefarious undertones to those actions. Maybe those folks *would* be happy to see their beliefs imposed on others by the government, but then again maybe they would be just as opposed to that as me. We don’t know and we can’t make any assumptions just based on observing them for a few minutes.

25 09 2009

Betty is a devout Christian and a homeschooler. She has been very slow to see “nefarious undertones” even as they have in fact surrounded her in her corner of the world and gotten edgier and pushier and then armed and dangerous. She despairs but can no longer deny it. And so — the response is that SHE is wrong? Don’t see that at all.

25 09 2009
Crimson Wife

And I look around me here in the S.F. Bay Area ever since Obama’s election and wonder if this country is going to hell in a handbasket. A sampling of incidents, all of which happened since Monday:

I open up my local paper and there’s a big article all about how liberals are pushing to get coverage of abortion included in the Obamacare bill. “We feel health care reform is supposed to be about expanding care…It’s about whether women have the chance to live healthy lives.” Abortion is NOT health care. If you elect to have one, pay for it with your own money not the taxpayers’ or the premiums paid by the other members of your health insurance.

I head over to a local bookstore and am accosted by someone trying to get me to sign a petition to repeal Prop. 8.

I drop my DH off at his office and pass a bus plastered with a huge ad from the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” mocking those who choose to hold religious beliefs.

Liberals have gotten WAY more aggressive and “in-your-face” since Obama’s election.

25 09 2009

I expect you are both seeing and telling the truth about how it is for you in your own communities. All that I can conclude from that, is that neither view is being stifled by the civil authorities!

25 09 2009
Nance Confer

And maybe we’re all more “in your face.” Less mealy-mouthed. Feeling less pressure to conform.

A good thing? I hope so. As long as Betty’s neighbors aren’t too well armed.


26 10 2009
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20 10 2011

The Sad Lesson of Body Snatchers: People Change

People we love can change, Invasion of the Body Snatchers tells us, and sometimes that change is terrifying: Lovers turn inexplicably cold; elderly parents succumb to dementia, Alzheimer’s. People may look the same on the outside — they don’t turn into vampires or zombies — but inside they’re vacant.

That’s why Finney’s myth of “pod people” really hits home, why it’s still one of the saddest scary stories ever told. When we read about or hear Miles Bennell shouting “You’re next!” on that nighttime highway, we know he’s right. And there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

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