Really Unfortunate Headline

22 09 2009

Our local longtime newspaper food critic died yesterday. Of course it was news to the readership. And obviously his colleagues in printing the story would use the man’s name — but did the news he was dead absolutely have to be headlined: Restaurant Critic Stiff??



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22 09 2009

I know what you mean. I recently blogged about Michael Jackson being buried without his brain. Apparently, the author of the article felt compelled to make note that Jackson played the Scarecrow (w/no brain) in the Wiz musical. The world is brimming with funny stuff; there’s no need for the media to take such low swipes at people who have died (and their families), all for the sake of a joke.

22 09 2009

Actually I don’t think they meant it as a joke at all; someone should have caught it.

22 09 2009

Oops. You’re right. My brain is tired. The last couple of days I’ve been trying to respond to Luke’s review of the Genie Scott book I recommended. I thought it was a pretty good book, but apparently it’s just “gibberish.” Who knew 😕

On the bright side, Luke says he’s got more and more documentation that God caused micro-evolution, so I’m waiting on that now. When word comes, I’ll alert you by way of bonobo-call code.

22 09 2009

Lol, what kind of secret whistle do we bonobo females use to signal each other? If I’ve got it, I don’t know about it! 😉

24 09 2009

Anyone remember the outcry when the Miami Herald’s Tropic Magazine planned to run the headline “No Mas” accompanying a funeral photo for Jorge Mas Canosa, leader of the Miami Cuban exile community? They pulled the whole supplement that week because some found it offensive. Not nearly as bad as the restaurant critic’s!

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