School Is To Food: Obama-rama Energy for Positive Change

22 09 2009

Snook started blogging the “school is to food” analogy at its inception three years ago this week. (Happy birthday, Baby Snook!)

JJ loves analogies if you haven’t noticed yet. 😀

This one especially. Neither food politics nor school politics can be thought of as “free market” power of story — not if we want the kids to grow up healthy, that is:

It simply makes it impossible to avoid the question of what it means to live in a democracy when such basic aspects of our lives are affected by the actions of others in a manner so completely outside our reckoning. These are people we haven’t elected, and institutions which our elected representatives have not only failed to control but have actively aided in their folly.

It may be one of the most positive outcomes of this crisis that it compels us to ask fundamental questions about our political system, questions we may normally be too complacent or polite to ask. . .

Some of our earliest “school is to food” thinking is linked below and on Snook’s blogroll you can find some dedicated food food-for-thought we like. Today I found a new winner for that roll, thanks to Lynn and Sam talking here, about dog-whistle politics, of all seemingly unconnected things.

Obama Food-orama!

And btw, while we are connecting ideas you can’t get much more inspiringly healthy and smart and “pro-life” than anything about Michelle Obama.

In the beginning there was “school is to food” Snooking:
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22 09 2009

Think of it as an all-you-can eat buffet. 🙂
(Did you know Snook’s humorous header photo is really an artistic chef’s buffet table, characters all in food, taken when Favorite Daughter danced with her company on a cruise ship?)

More Snooking around on controlling food, education, and food education:

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22 09 2009

From one of the above links:
In his 2002 book The Deviant’s Advantage, Wacker suggests that our current society is undergoing relentless, all-encompassing change, which will do nothing but accelerate. This constant change results in an “Abolition of Context” — the inability of business and society to find commonly agreed upon reference points.

“Context is the framework, the structure, the collective common understanding that allows us to live our lives and run our businesses,” Wacker writes in his book. “Take it away and it’s all but impossible to know what’s the right or wrong action to take.”

Such a situation makes it more difficult for companies to create commercially viable, long-lasting goods and services. This environment also creates stress, anxiety and confusion for the individual. With social mores constantly shifting, people seek a “proliferation of perspectives” to make sense of the world.

Credibility, a traditionally reliable context as it has been viewed until now, is dead, Wacker says. “Knowing what other people think news means, in many layers, is more important.”

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