Lego Evolution T-Shirt

25 09 2009

You’ve seen this . . .


But why not wear this?

lego evolutionm t-shirt from thinkgeek dot com

You got your Lego creationists and your Lego evolutionists. Lego creationists are always asking, “If minifigs evolved from 1×1 bricks, then why do 1×1 bricks still exist?” Cause you can’t build the Death Star with a bunch of minifigs. Duh. But you don’t want to hear the Lego version of the big bang theory. Bricks flung to the far reaches of the living room. It’s not a pretty thing, especially if you’re walking around barefoot.



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25 09 2009
Nance Confer

So you’ve been watching me play with 3-yo Dear Nephew? 🙂

And today’s adventure included Play-Doh.

We may be messy but we have fun. 🙂


26 09 2009

I really enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing. I think we’ll avoid a re-enactment of the big bang for the time being!

26 09 2009

My kids (LEGO Fanatics Extraordinaire and non-theistic just like mom and dad) will love this post!

26 09 2009
26 09 2009

Thinkgeek also has a great shirt with a real Lego board base on the front, and then you build words or whatever you want with your own bricks on it, flat or even 3D, and walk around that way. Let me see if I can find it online (we got the catalog in the mail.)

Brick Construction Shirt

We can hardly WAIT for Christmas! 😉

26 09 2009

You’ve reminded me of The Brick Testament – my favorite Bible version!

27 09 2009

Second that.
And don’t forget the Brick “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”. . .

27 09 2009

More and more, I regret giving away The Girl’s legos and such. I never thought I’d say so, but… I even miss Play-Doh!

27 09 2009

Want a Tattoo Barbie? Huh, huh? Please?

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