JJ Reading Dan Brown’s New Book

27 09 2009

. . .and glad it isn’t BANNED! 😉

At the same time, I quite appreciate Killing the Buddha’s much more, ahem, historical and rational writing about the new book.

Dan Brown shares with the Masons a belief in the mythology that gave rise to modern culture, and hopes that his readers will join him in affirming those myths once again.

So I am just as glad Samuel Biagetti’s scholarship isn’t banned either, as I was glad the people freaked out by The Da Vinci Code couldn’t quash it or the people freaked out by Harry Potter couldn’t quash HIM:

I think Rowling’s genius is to see humans as carrying both hope and fear, both good and evil, to see us as magnificent, and animals, and facing new threats of extinction — to realize our ancient songs and stories need to be understood in progressively evolving ways, for anyone to win anything worth living or dying for.

Mortimer Adler’s definition of education was “the freeing discipline of wonder.” Religious education seems like an oxymoron then, unless we change our definition of religion, to match. Make it freeing rather than oppressive, wondrous rather than warlike, open to questions and new discovery and change. That was the thought when I wrote this:

“Maybe human spirituality is evolving [for the next cultural era] as we discover and accept truths not through patriarchal personification and studying “authoritative” writings spelled out for our dutiful performance on demand, but through an “unschooled” direct [and democratic if you will] personal connection to each other, and to the universe as a system?”

It’s not quite Dan Brown’s power of story, but it’s close enough to satisfy me.



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27 09 2009

I think blogs are for sharing ideas, not hate. It is unfortunate that in your old age you have decided to waste your time hating people who are different from you, and in their differences may just be wrong. It doesn’t matter what you may or may not have gone through with religious people. It is never okay to make assumptions about people and then make fun of them based on those assumptions. Furthermore, if you have found a good reason why you should do so, you may post THAT on my blog, not defensive hatred.

28 09 2009

General note to regular readers:
In case the previous comment makes no sense to you and you care enough to bother, go to Lynn’s here. It’s her fault, she started it!
[tongue-sticking-out icon]

28 09 2009

Hey there, Granny. No fair blaming this on me.

28 09 2009

By the way, I think it’s very intolerant of you to criticize oppressive, warlike religion and book banning. If it weren’t way past bedtime, I’d give you a piece of my mind about it, too.

18 11 2010
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