The Unvirtuous Truth About The Virtue of Harvard

29 09 2009

While you’re raging against American institutional gods like Wall Street and the insurance cabal, think about this:

Think Tank: The "Veritas" About Harvard"

Elite universities have benefited mightily from a number of converging long-term trends, none of their making. The markets made them rich, America made them famous, globalization and the information revolution made their services particularly valuable. The winner-take-all society made them objects of aspiration, nexuses of money, power, and prestige, places where those forces pulse and converge.

They are, without a doubt, extremely valuable institutions that contribute much in the way of science, scholarship and culture. They make the world a better place. But they’ve mistaken their good fortune and great fortunes for virtue, and have lost their way. . .

How does that manifest itself and why should you care, especially if you weren’t trying to send a child to Harvard anyway? Well, let’s see:

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