Whose Rights Ring Wronger at School?

30 09 2009

Public school? Check.
In the United States of America? Check (well, it’s Tennessee, and the states aren’t very united these days, does that still count?)
Constitution still technically in effect despite a decade of stacking the U.S. Supreme Court with evangelical Catholics? Hmmm. . .

cheerleader christian banner controversy sept 2009 chattanooga

At a football game on the school’s field, cheerleaders at Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School hold up a sign with a Biblical verse on it. After a complaint last week, the school has banned the cheerleaders from using any more signs with religious statements on them, saying it violates the U.S. Constitution.

Don’t even try to calculate how many objective orders of magnitude worse this is, without a peep of protest from the self-appointed School Indoctrination Police (still snarling about what sickening idol worship it was for some little children to sing a non-religious song about the first African-American president during Black History Month.)

Fort Oglethorpe Mayor Ronnie Cobb vehemently disagrees with the ban and said he’ll call on the City Council to support the cheerleaders and their signs.

The signs don’t infringe on anyone’s religious rights and are good for school spirit, he said.

“I’m totally against them doing away with it,” Mr. Cobb said, adding that the cheerleaders’ rights are being abused.

The mayor said football coach John Allen made the signs a tradition around 2003 and it has continued ever since.

“If it’s offensive to anyone, let them go watch another football game,” he said. “Nobody’s forced to come there and nobody’s forced to read the signs.”

Current head football coach Todd Windham said the school system must obey the law, despite everyone’s opinions.

Both are public servants paid with taxpayer dollars, are they not? — both charged with responsibilities to the whole community, not winner-take-all favoritism especially in intramural dispute. Strange that it’s the elected mayor who gets it wrong and wants to choose up sides and fight instead of concentrating on producing something of value for all — he’s like the new UT hothead Kiffin, stomping all over everyone else’s reputation and rights and throwing public temper tantrums (outside both the written rules of the governing body under which he is employed, the unwritten universal ethics of leading students in any activity AND worst of all, not right as in factually wrong to boot) — while the actual football coach in this story (unlike this KY school coach and his superintendent) gets it right for everyone and wants to play fair instead of a win-at-all-costs attitude.

At least the one being paid to teach the community’s kids is much better at seeing what’s good for them to learn in public school, than is the pandering politician — there’s something to give thanks for, in whatever way you might experience such feelings . . . 😉

Disclosure: JJ is a UF Gator who wouldn’t like Kiffin even if he weren’t an idiot, which he is. Frisky cock of the football, er, snook, to Lynn for the story.
More Snooking around from the same power of story:

Everybody’s mad, that’s the main thing

Getting to know you, getting to know all that bites you

God Bless America: School fight song for our times:

No doubt the losing chorus will sue for a recount.
And no matter what song finally “wins” we all lose a little more of that fond feeling for our homeland as Home anymore.

(It’s not clear in these confusing times, whether the Governor’s purpose is a fight song or a song no one can fight. Maybe he imagines all purposes can be served at the same time, by one song we all sing in unison, in public because that feels like most like home?)

For the love of God, bless Harry Potter and my home sweet home:

I don’t think it’s just Harry Potter and the Christian bible that this poor fellow doesn’t get, it’s everything! — doesn’t he sound more like these real world, ultra-orthodox middle eastern leaders self-sealed away from modern human life and culture, than like a normal mom-and-apple-pie American. . .?

. . .Maybe all “God Bless America” needs is for us to hear it with third-millennium ears ,with post-Harry Potter understanding, to emphasize the word LOVE that’s right there in the middle of it already, to hum not the title about God and country fighting to win, but the last phrase of this enduringly popular piece of entertainment, to keep the dementors of any era at bay and ourselves out of their prisons — “my home sweet home.”



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30 09 2009

And, I, in turn, tip my frisky hat to COD for the link to the cheerleading story 🙂

30 09 2009

Is the verse in use on the sign in the picture suggesting that god has called these kids to press toward the goal of winning a football game? I suppose I can appreciate the idea of doing your best, but to assume, with all that is so wrong in the world, that god takes a break on Friday night to give a shit about some podunk town’s high school football . . .

Also, I’m not really a football fan. The Kiffin nonsense happened without me, though I am alive and kicking, so I did hear some noise about him having been an idiot or spouting off at the mouth. I’ve also had to hear the games at work and have noticed that UT’s record under their new coach is no better than under the one that was fired before last season even ended.

30 09 2009

Yep, I think that’s exactly the point. There are four other banner verses too, and I’ll bet you would know them:

Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be men of courage, strong
1 Corinthians 16:13

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed
Proverbs 16:13

(wait, that’s weird, they are BOTH 16:13?? could it possibly be coincidence, hmmm. . .)
HA! They made a king-sized mistake! Proverbs 16:13 is actually
“Righteous lips are the delight of kings!”

(Kinda creepy for a verse set up by scantily clad cheerleaders, their righteous lips delighting big strong football gods who will crash through the flimsy barrier as the girls squeal.)

Also Timothy 1:7
Ezra 10:4
Philippians 3:13

30 09 2009

sam: “Is the verse in use on the sign in the picture suggesting that god has called these kids to press toward the goal of winning a football game?”

Yes, what a sad, small religion.

7 05 2010
Time for “T-Shirt as a Second Language” Test, Ready? « Cocking A Snook!

[…] mad white women. One of the topics that just keeps on giving is the power of story in school speech and dress codes, particularly combined on […]

30 07 2010

New USC coach Lane Kiffin got himself into trouble last year when he was at Tennessee for unjustly accusing Florida coach Urban Meyer of breaking NCAA recruiting rules. Kiffin later had to apologize to Meyer and the Gators.

Kiffin is in his first year at USC after spending one tumultuous season at Tennessee.

That’s what Sam and I were talking about above. Kiffin is no mere idiot, unfortunately. He’s showing himself to be a Toyko Rush or a Brietbart, throwing outrageously false defamation bombs trying to advance his own stature.

USC apologizes [FOR KIFFIN AGAIN!]to Florida, Alabama, Washington
BY RALPH D. RUSSO • AP College Football Writer • July 7, 2010

Southern California has apologized to Florida, Alabama and Washington for accusing those schools of breaking NCAA rules by contacting one of the Trojans’ players without permission.

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