Foundation Beyond Belief: Humanity at Work

1 10 2009

It’s Beyond Belief — what Dale has been up to is up, go see, explore and join this eminently ethical community if it reflects your family values.

Its purpose is to articulate and put into coordinated action the humanist perspective for making the world a better place.

As Dale’s personal epiphany puts it:

“The atheists weren’t absent. They were invisible. . . Prayers and songs and religious rituals announce themselves. Quiet conviction goes unseen.”

Education, health, peace, child welfare, the environment and all life on the planet we share.
The Big Bang fund.
The humanist parent education program!

Q: I’m a religious person. Can I be a member?

Sure! Secular humanists volunteer and donate to religious organizations all the time. Another analogy would be the Gay Straight Alliances across the country, which straight members join to support the efforts of their GLBT friends to achieve equal treatment. By joining a secular humanist foundation, you are supporting this effort by secular humanists to make the world a better place.

There will be forums and all sorts of interactive resources to come beginning January 1, but Dale already has the new FBB blog up here.

Education Freedom and Religious Freedom In Conflict?

1 10 2009

Power of story worthy to lead education:

“It’s really wrong to assume that there is an inconsistency between seeing complexity and taking a strong position. . .In a society committed to free speech . . . we are called on to maintain our courage to confront bad words with better words. That is the hallmark of a university and of our democratic society.”

Suppose religious freedom and education freedom — indeed real education of any kind — are not only not the same thing, but can be shown to be in conflict.

New Dossier of Evidence Against Faith Schools:

A point that needs to be made more often is that religious schools suppress freedom of religion.

“Three in five (60%) of the general population and two in three (66%) of those in ethnic minority groups think religion is more divisive than race today.”

Fat kids, skinny kids, their heads are full of rocks?

What do kids get taught by public universities these days, particularly political science, history, journalism (and religion?) majors, about how human power of story plays out in real life?

Thinking Parents are quick to see family decision-making freedom at the center of both education and religion, to draw Venn diagrams with giant overlap or intersection between the two freedom sets.

But are we as clear-thinking as our own good minds should require, when it comes to accurately representing and defending society’s sets, those freedom circles we all move in and cannot move between except when that’s how we’re drawn?

Jessica Rabbit: “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way!”

We live in a 21st century, multicultural society, and yet we allow a significant proportion of our school system to be run by followers of supernatural faiths.

If this had no impact on our society then it would be fine, albeit unsettling on principle. But the evidence shown here Read the rest of this entry »