Foundation Beyond Belief: Humanity at Work

1 10 2009

It’s Beyond Belief — what Dale has been up to is up, go see, explore and join this eminently ethical community if it reflects your family values.

Its purpose is to articulate and put into coordinated action the humanist perspective for making the world a better place.

As Dale’s personal epiphany puts it:

“The atheists weren’t absent. They were invisible. . . Prayers and songs and religious rituals announce themselves. Quiet conviction goes unseen.”

Education, health, peace, child welfare, the environment and all life on the planet we share.
The Big Bang fund.
The humanist parent education program!

Q: I’m a religious person. Can I be a member?

Sure! Secular humanists volunteer and donate to religious organizations all the time. Another analogy would be the Gay Straight Alliances across the country, which straight members join to support the efforts of their GLBT friends to achieve equal treatment. By joining a secular humanist foundation, you are supporting this effort by secular humanists to make the world a better place.

There will be forums and all sorts of interactive resources to come beginning January 1, but Dale already has the new FBB blog up here.




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2 10 2009
2 10 2009

Yeah Dale! Of course, the video is so “New World Order,” but hey! Any controversy should just generate more visibility 🙂

3 10 2009
How Humans Are Hard-Wired to Treat Each Other « Cocking A Snook!

[…] is having some Saturday morning conjecture with her coffee: 1) This ought to help the Foundation Beyond Belief help all life human and […]

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