Fun Jaunt to Costume & Magic Shop

2 10 2009

Young Son decided he would be Inspector Javert from Les Miz for Halloween this year and after a few afternoons scouting thrift shops, we thought of the local landmark costume & magic shop, mainly because as a French Revolutionary policeman, Javert sports a tall black top hat — magicians used to pull rabbits out of such hats.

Lesmis-javert illustration

So we figured they must come from magic shops, and sure enough . . . oh, but that wasn’t all, oh no! We now have a black opera cape and gloves, a black walking coat and cane, real human-hair mutton chops with spirit gum PLUS the marvelous top hat.

And a good story. The place was packed with college students, guard at the door to direct traffic, so the atmosphere was fun. The fellow who squired us around and knew where everything was even on the highest shelves, instantly got into the Javert character and yet did a Scottish accent the whole time because Young Son was wearing his kilt.

The guy even tried to sell us a sporran. 🙂