Georgia Boy Says He’s Not Cross-Dresser, Just Creative — So Far Still Alive

7 10 2009

Atlanta Journal-Constitution in its news coverage:

. . .the 16-year-old says an assistant principal at North Cobb High School told him last week he needed to dress more “manly” for school, or consider being home-schooled. . .On his second day of school, Escobar says he was pulled out of class to speak with a police officer who told him he was concerned about the student’s safety.

No religious issue for once, at least:

Bryan Killian says that he follows the Pastafarian religion, and that as a crucial part of his faith, he must wear ‘full pirate regalia’ as prescribed in the holy texts of Pastafarianism.

The school, however, say that his pirate garb was disruptive.

For my son it would have been the kilt. Good thing we just homeschooled without being sent home by authorities:
Salute when you call my son a cross-dresser!

A kilt IS manly attire, inarguably NOT cross-dressing, yet this same dress code argument could be made — it’s disruptive because it’s unusual and might be misunderstood — thus it would jeopardize his own safety in the thuggishly conformist school environment. (If not from the other students, then jeopardy from fearful and/or frightfully ignorant adults.)

Kids get beaten up for being in the honors club instead of in a gang, no matter what they wear or how much they all look the same. Not for cross-dressing but just for crossing the street. Even to death.

And sending them home from school can get them killed, not keep them safe. Read the rest of this entry »