Where is Young Son?

13 10 2009

We’d been to the branch library and then out to scout up a vest for his scenes as a Village Boy in the upcoming Irish dance version of The Snow Queen. I looked up and he wasn’t around. Guess where I found him?

He’s out in the far back yard under the big pear tree. In his kilt. Reading the 1,400-page unabridged Les Miserables newly procured from said library. With his iPod earphone playing the cast recording of the musical to set the mood . . . remember his costume this year is Javert from Les Mis.

Oh, just recalled that he also has the 1937 Smithsonian-archived dramatization from Orson Welles on his iPod so maybe he’s listening to that instead, can’t be sure since I have nothing to do with it!

He loves it when a plan comes together. This is why latching onto power of story and riding it for all it’s worth, works to learn anything and everything — at least for him. And really, what else matters? 🙂

les mis orson welles mercury theatre cd box

p.s. early Wednesday — when he wakes up this morning (or afternoon?) I’ll show Young Son this very un-classic, unhistorical Les Mis tie-in I just found poking around:
“Purists of a nervous disposition may wish to stop reading now.”

It may delight him or it may appall him but either way we’ll have fun, can’t wait to see which! 🙂



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14 10 2009

I was curious and asked when he came inside, about which he’d been listening to.

“The musical, of course. It would be too confusing if I read the story and listen to the lines at the same time, because they wouldn’t match up or go at the same speed!”


28 10 2009
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