What School Movies Have Affected Your Life?

17 10 2009

Which ones are personally most memorable, for good or ill or just as powerful story-telling?

After posting that video clip from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie the other day, I was stunned that Lynn has never seen it thus doesn’t have it in her frame of reference as we talk about School Ideas — what an impact that movie had on me as a schooled girl, seeing it in the theatre in 1969! [shudder]

School stories in both book and movie form have always stuck in my mind. (We can do just books later if you want.)

Harry Potter obviously, and Maggie Smith is a teacher in those school movies too, 40 years after she was in her Prime, eerie huh?

Sidney Poitier’s To Sir With Love was another high-impact, early-influence school film for me. Later there was Robin Williams’ Dead Poets Society.

And for no easily explained reason I remember the power over my thinking of an obscure late-night movie about high schoolers who got pregnant before abortion was legal, called Blue Denim. I think it was an impossibly young and blonde-ponytailed Carol Lynley, never saw the film again anywhere but it’s definitely loomed large in my frame of reference ever since.

How about you and school movies that really affected you and stayed with you? And what about your kids?

“Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes” Slide Show

17 10 2009

(Strong warning to those offended by, well, things clearly meant to offend.
Like listening to Beck or Limbaugh.)

Just remember, no matter how bad you may feel about whatever you come up with, as long as you’re not dressed in one of the costumes below, you’re all set.

The show starts with “child pimp” just like the ACORN set-up. Most are not child costumes though. Lots of graphic genitalia. Some racial and religious offense intended.

There was one I didn’t get, try as I might and worldly as I think I am. See if you can tell which is the most obscure, maybe explain it to me. (No, it wasn’t the misspelled bestiality costume. That was obvious.)