Telling Children Who They Are and What’s Within Them

19 10 2009

“You are not half. You are a whole soul living in a divided world. ”

There Is No Such Thing as Half
by Joanna Brooks

What comes out when a Mormon and a Jew raise a kid?

. .You are a body spun from ancient dust and ancient water; you are the glorious hope of legions of ancestors who lived poor and died ugly; you are a soul realized in the temple of my hipbones. You are what we all are: composite, recycled. You are what we all become someday: the sum of a series of accidents and choices. A lovely mess, that’s you. Sanctify yourself with righteous words and deeds, and you will have nothing to worry about.



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22 10 2009

Or you could do it the way bible-thumping bigoted Republican operatives do. You’re Jewish honey, so that means God made you a penny-pincher. Don’t worry, that’s a GOOD thing on our side!

“It is difficult to comprehend how men in positions of leadership in a state Republican Party could demonstrate such ignorance and insensitivity in the year 2009.”

Both the chairmen have now apologized. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) also denounced the remarks — which were meant to praise him — saying the comments were “thoughtless and hurtful.”

22 10 2009

Thinking Parents are quick to see family decision-making freedom at the center of both education and religion, to draw Venn diagrams with giant overlap or intersection between the two freedom sets.

are we as clear-thinking as our own good minds should require, when it comes to accurately representing and defending society’s sets, those freedom circles we all move in and cannot move between
except when that’s how we’re drawn?

Jessica Rabbit: “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way!”

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